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which had to be Eddiechinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白

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which had to be Eddiechinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白

Birthday WeekenderI really don’t know what possessed me to take this trip. I know it was Josh’s 16th birthday and bringing his younger brother Simon was a given, why on earth did I let them invite 4 of their friends as well. Driving from our home in Hertfordshire UK to our Spanish villa was long enough without having a car load of excited teens.I suppose after the last year when my husband had decided to leave us they both deserved a break, and lets be honest just having your mother to celebrate with, is not really what a 16yo would call a great time. So having his 15yo brother and a few friends around the same age would at least make it a party. A couple of the boys I knew quite well as they were regular visitors but the other two I had only seen a couple of times but they all seemed to get on well so I was pretty sure they would have a good time.I had been driving since the early hours of the morning so once we had settled in I told the boys I was going to have a siesta. “There are drinks in the cupboard but don’t drink it all or you wont have any left for the party tomorrow.”“Ok mum.” Josh said, “We will just chill and be quiet so you can rest.”I went to my room and closed the door. Thankfully I was in the front of the villa and the swimming pool was at the back which is where the boys congregated. So even though they made a bit of noise I was insulated against the worst of it and managed to get some sleep. When I woke up it was very quiet so I assumed the boys were either asleep or had gone into the village or down the beach which was within walking distance. I had a quick shower and put my bikini on. I had worn this bikini many times when we were here, basically it was just three triangles of material tied together with string. I intended making the most of this break and get as much sun as possible. As the villa was going to be part of the divorce fight I didn’t know if I would ever be here again.I had been sunbathing for about ten minutes when I heard the boys return. “Wow Mrs T you look hot.” I opened my eyes. “Well thank you Darren but I think we both know that isn’t true.” I said with a smile.“Well I gotta agree with Darren Mrs T.” Eddie said, “I wish my mum looked as hot as you do.”Eddie was one of the boys I didn’t know so well. “Well judging by the beer in your hands I would say you have had too much to drink.” I laughed“Come on guys lets put our trunks on and take to the pool.” Josh said smiling down at me.Even though I had brushed off the compliments I have to say they did make me feel good. At 38 I have to admit I didn’t look too bad. With regular exercise I had a toned body with a 36 23 34 figure and shoulder length black hair. I dressed well and since my husband left had changed my wardrobe to suit my figure not my age. So yes I enjoyed the compliments, even if they were from young boys.I knew once the boys came out I would never get in the pool so I slipped into the warm water while I could. A moment later they all ran out and jumped in almost landing on top of me. I spluttered my way to the surface and wiped the water from my face.“Thanks boys.” I said laughing, “For nearly drowning me.”“That’s ok Mrs T” Colin said, “I know CPR.” He laughed.As I cleared my eyes of water I saw the boys all looking at me. It suddenly dawned on me that a white bikini was not the most sensible colour in a pool with a group of hot blooded teens. I looked down and the material was clinging to by boobs. My areola were on full view and my nipples were standing out like a pair of buttons.“Nice bikini Mrs T” Keith said. The others all laughed.Red faced I get out of the pool. I knew if I got changed it would just give them ammunition for more jokes so I got myself a strong drink and went back to my sun bed. Leaving them to play, or look, whichever they preferred.After a while they got out and continued drinking. “Is that right then Mrs T” Darren asked. “You usually sun bathe topless?”I almost choked on my drink. Josh had obviously been talking. “Not when we have guests.” I said trying to sound calm.“Awww come on Mrs T.” Eddie laughed, “We’re not guests we’re family.”Now that was a low blow as I always said to Eddie and Darren that they were like family when we were at home. I looked up at them and it was plain to see that at least two of them had rising erections. Surprisingly this included Josh. I was shocked. They all looked on expectantly.“I don’t think that would be wise.” I said.“See I told you she wouldn’t.“ Simon said. Simon, my baby boy wanted me topless. In front of his friends.“Simon!” I said shocked.“Sorry mum, but you do.” Simon said “You always sun bathe topless when we are here and lets be honest you have a body to be proud of.”“And it’s not like we ain’t seen your nipples in the pool anyway Mrs T.” Darren said, “And now come to that.”I looked at my boobs and was shocked to see my nipples fully extended. Even worse my pussy was beginning to throb at all the attention. As I looked at these boys they looked like they expected me to take my top off. Even my own son’s.I should have gone into the villa and got dressed. I should have done a dozen different things but I didn’t. I dropped my towel at the edge of the pool and slipped into the water to cover my body and hopefully cover any scent of arousal from my pussy. I made sure I kept my shoulders under water.A moment later all six boys bombed into the pool splashing everywhere and making me lose my footing. By the time I surfaced I was naked. I don’t know how but my bikini had gone. Then Josh moved in behind me and waved my bikini top in front of my face. But that was not the most worrying thing. Josh was naked, I could feel his cock rubbing against my buttocks and it was getting hard. Bubbles appeared in front of me and a head appeared above the surface.“Naked pussy guys.” Keith shouted, “Gorgeous tits.” He looked me straight in the eye.My hand automatically did there best to cover my breasts and pussy but even I had to smile at the stupidity of that move. “Ok boys that’s enough.” I said trying to be the adult.“No need to hide anymore Mrs T.” Darren said, “We are all naked so no problem eh?”I walked over to the edge of the pool but they had moved my towel, so, I pulled myself out of the pool amid comments about my cute bum and then I stood for a moment steadying my breathing. “Ok lets get this over with.” I said. Iturned round. My arms spread wide. “Take a look and then we can get on with the holiday.” I stood for a minute or so and, well you can guess at the comments. Some were really crude others were a little more polite but all, even from my own sons were sexual in nature. They all got out of the pool before I had time to face away from them and I knew I had made a mistake. They all had hard or semi hard cocks. I took a deep breath. “I am going to get some dinner. You lot get dressed and we will eat in half an hour.”I made my way to my room. Ignoring my towel. I had a bottle of vodka in the room and took a long swig from the bottle. Sitting on the bed I couldn’t get the picture of six hard cocks out of my mind. I took another couple of swigs and then took a very cold shower. Before starting dinner.I made a cold meat salad for dinner and, as expected had to endure some light banter from the boys. I decided it was all just a laugh so went along with it. As they jibed about my body and my experience with men I jibed about there ‘boy’ bodies and total lack of experience. After dinner we played a game of monopoly which lasted over an hour and the wine and the beer was flowing freely. So when Josh suggested we play something a little more interesting I asked.“Like what?”“Truth or dare poker.” Darren suggested.“How do you play that?” I asked. I knew of truth or dare of course but how did you get poker into it. Well from what they told me it goes as follows.You put 12 tickets into a bowl. Written on the tickets is ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ six of each. In another bowl you put the name of each player. Each player is dealt five cards the same as in draw poker but without the draw. You make the best possible hand and the winner then pulls a ticket out of the truth or dare pot and a ticket out of the name pot.So for example if Josh wins and pulls out ‘Truth’ and ‘Darren’ he asks Darren a question to which he MUST give an honest answer or pay a forfeit. If it’s ‘Dare’ then Darren would be dared to do something which again he must do or pay a forfeit. Simple really. Well it sounded simple to my wine soaked brain so I agreed.The first couple of hands went quite simply. A simple question with a simple answer. Hand three however changed the atmosphere slightly. Keith won and pulled out ‘truth’ and ‘Josh’Keith smiled, “Josh did you get horny when you saw your mum naked today?”To my amazement Josh didn’t even hesitate. “Yes.” He replied. Looking at me shyly. The other boys all cheered and agreed with him. I went bright red. For the next few hands items of clothing were removed, only shirts but I could see where this was going and I only had one item of clothing on. A button up shift dress. I drank some more wine.Colin won the next hand and pulled out ‘truth’ and ‘Mandy’. This was the first time my name had come out of the pot so I was surprised to hear ‘Mandy’ instead of Mrs T which is what they all called me. “Mandy.” Colin said looking at the other boys. “Have you ever sucked cock?”My mouth dropped. The boys cheered and I could see in their faces they were daring me to answer. “Yes.” I said. They all cheered and jumped about like, well, like boys I suppose.The next hand passed another barrier. (I wont bother saying who or what just the question or dare) “Simon would you like to play with Mandy’s tits.” Eddie asked.“Oh yes.” Simon replied.The next hand Darren had to remove his shorts. As he was opposite me I stared at his semi erect cock came into view. The next hand Colin removed his and the next Josh removed his.The next hand, “Mandy does being surrounded by all these naked cocks turn you on?” Darren asked, shuffling forward to make his cock more visible.“That’s unfair.” I said.“Well you don’t have to answer you can always pay any forfeit we decide.” Eddie said, hopefully.“No I don’t think so.” I said quietly, “Yes it does.” I answered. Knowing that I was sunk. Again the huge cheer and Darren even stood up and waved his cock in the air.The next hand was the one I was truly dreading. “Mandy I dare you to remove your dress.” Josh said. Smiling. My own son had fired the bullet with a smile.“Go on mum I dare you.” Simon cheered.I stood up. “Ok if this is how it’s going to go I want all mobile phones and tablets locked in the safe.” I saidI have never seen any teenager so eager to lose their phone but there was no way I could have any photos of this night getting out. As they all returned I undid the buttons on the dress and let it fall to the floor. I stood for a moment with my eyes closed letting them have a good look at me before I sat back down.Three hands later and we were all naked. The next hand. “Mandy have you ever been fucked up the arse?” Eddie asked“Oh this is so unfair.” I said, “My sons are here listening to this.”“Mum, Simon and I have heard you and dad fucking many times. Your not exactly quiet.” Josh said with a laugh.“Grrrr.” I growled, “Yes I have.” I said.Next hand. “Simon suck your mums tits for one minute.”I was going to protest but the look on Simons face was total joy. I suppose at this point I knew how the evening was going to end up so I could stop it now, or just make the most of it. That decision was taken away the moment my baby boy sucked my distended nipple into his mouth making me moan loudly with pleasure.I was disappointed when his minute was up but it seemed that some of the rules had changed without me realising it. The next hand and the next dare.“Josh I dare you to let your mum suck your cock.”Darren said. Then suddenly the coffee table that had been between the two settees was pulled away, giving me space to get between Josh’s legs and lick his erection. I don’t even think there was any discussion or hesitation I just knew I wanted to do it so I did, and that was when it all came together.I felt someone climb behind me but I pulled away. “Simon is first.” I said, “After that you can all do whatever you want with me but remember pleasure is a two way thing.”Well it’s just as well I didn’t expect too much from these boys for a first time. Josh filled my mouth quickly and Simon hardly got inside me before he shot his first load. I did have an orgasm when Eddie,亚洲人成无码区在线观看 who certainly had a thing about fucking arse, rammed his cock into my shit hole and lasted five minutes before he shot his load So while it wasn’t earth shattering sex I knew that there was going to be better to follow.Josh pulled me into his arms.” Are you ok mum?” He asked.“I’m fine.” I said.” Kissing him softly. “Do you think badly of me?”“No mum.” He gasped, “No way. I am so proud of you. Look at them. I think you are going to have a very busy weekend. If that’s what you want.”In reply Ikissed him softly on the lips and pulled him on top of me. “This is your birthday present.” I said softly as I slid his erect cock into my pussy. I made love to my son. I taught him how to control his orgasm till I was ready to come and, finally we came together. I know it has all been said before but it truly was the best orgasm I had ever had. Not because it was powerful but because it was my son who I loved dearly. We drifted off to sleep.I was woken in the night as Darren pulled me on top of his erection. I smiled as I felt another cock, which had to be Eddie, drilling at my arse. And then another cock appeared in front of me and I saw Simons smiling face.I told them to stay still and let me do the work. As I rocked back and forth I took Simon deep into my mouth and pushing back Eddie went ever deeper into my arse and of course Darren was in heaven as I rode his cock while he licked and sucked on my dangling tits. Simon was the first to come so he sat on the pillow and watched me as I fucked the other two. My orgasm was rising and I could tell that both the boys were also close.“Don’t you dare come till I say so.” I moaned and increased my movements, pushing back harder and faster till I reached that critical point. “Yes do it fuck me fill my cunt you fuckers fill my arse with your sperm fuck me, do it ooohhhh fuuuuck yeeeeeees. Oh shit nnnnnggggggg.” I was gone, pumping faster and harder just screaming in orgasmic pleasure. I felt them both shoot there loads into me as my orgasm went on and on.I was disappointed when their soft cocks slipped out of me but as Darren and Eddie moved away I felt another cock ram up my vacant pussy and Colin pushed his cock into my open mouth. My orgasm continued and I was wailing like a stray cat. The cock in my mouth put a temporary stop to that as it shot it’s load deep into my mouth quickly followed by another load up my throbbing pussy. Finally I collapsed on the bed totally lost. Totally exhausted I said, “Now all of you let me get some sleep.” A moment later I fell into a deep sleep.I was woken in the morning by Josh, gently shaking me. “Mum,” He said softly, “Mum. Are you ok?”I opened my eyes and looked at him smiling, “Mmm. Yes fine honey.”“We have made you breakfast.” Simon said quietly.I looked round and saw all six of them, dressed and looking worried. I sat and pulled the sheet up to my chin. Simon put a tray in my lap with coffee and toast. “Are you ok mum?” I took a moment to think, eating some toast and sipping at the coffee.“So what on earth happened last night.” I asked feigning concern.“We’re sorry Mrs T.” Darren said quietly, “We sort of got carried away. It won’t happen again honestly.”“Well that’s not good enough.” I said, “ I was fucked by six young studs and if you think that your going to get away without repeating it your sadly mistaken.”“Wha…” Josh said, shocked. Then they all just breathed a huge sigh of relief and started jumping about, on and off the bed excitedly.“Calm down.” I said smiling. “There has to be rules.”“Yes Mrs T.” Colin said.“First. If I say no I mean no.”A group of ‘Yes Mr’s T and ‘Of course Mrs T.’“Most importantly. What happens here stays here. This cannot get out under any circumstances is that understood?”This time they were all in unison. “Yes Mrs T.”“And as it is Josh’s birthday today, happy birthday son. I am his for the day. He can do as he wishes with me, keep me to himself or share me. And lastly as I have no doubt we are going to be very busy for the next two days we need to go into town to by enough provisions to last us. Away from the villa you will behave.”“Yes Mr’s T.”“And I think as you have fucked me stupid once already you can drop the Mrs T. My name is Mandy, that includes you and Simon as well, at least while we are here.” I said looking at Josh. “Now piss off and let me get showered and dressed. Josh get the phones out of the safe in case anyone has any messages then put them all back except mine.”I had a hot shower and put another skimpy bikini on with a short wrap round skirt that was split right up one side. We bought enough supplies to last the weekend and then once back I removed the skirt and the bikini top. Josh pulled me to one side. “Did you mean what you said about being mine for the day?”“Yes of course,” I said brushing his face softly.“Would you mind if we just sort of let the day go by and, well whatever happens happens. But I would like to sleep with you tonight, just me and you.”“Ooohhhh that’s nice.” I said, “Of course we can. Let them know ok.” I said kissing him softly on the lips.When we re-joined the others there was an apprehensive feel in the air, like they were unsure what to do or say.I took a £20 note from my purse and waved it in the air. “A prize.” I said. They all looked at me. “Your going to line up and I am going to give you all blow jobs. Whoever lasts the longest wins.”That certainly blew away any apprehension or fear of how to get things going. A torrent of ‘I’m first’ and pushing and shoving. “Pull a name out of the cup.” I said pointing to the cup from the previous night. “Josh you can use my phone to keep time. And take some photos. I will edit and share them when we get home.”It may sound like I was calm and collected but believe me I was not. If a slight breeze had wafted past my pussy I would have been in instant orgasm. The thought and sight of six rampant young men with solid erections put me on such a high I was flushed.It took a while and couple of breaks for my aching jaws but I did manage to blow all six loads not losing a drop and even had two of them deep in my throat by the end. Surprisingly Keith, the quietest and youngest of the boys lasted the longest. From this point it was a free for all for the rest of the day. It seemed to go in phases of rampant sex, pussy eating and cock sucking to silent rest until late in the evening when I think we were all shattered. The boys had all come at least three times during the day and I had lost count of how many times I had orgasmed, especially when they took it in turns eating my sopping cunt. Finally I had a long shower and took my birthday boy to bed. Where I made soft tender love to him, finally falling asleep in his arms.The following day was a repeat but maybe a little less rampant. That last night we put all the cushions and mattresses on the lounge floor and with one final orgy. The boys had already taken it turns to eat my pussy. Now they took it in turns to fuck my arse and then my pussy. With young come juice flooding from every hole I was exhausted and we all fell asleep where we lay.Before we left I got the boys together. “Remember boys what happened here stays here. But I have enjoyed this weekend more than I can say. So when we get home you are welcome to come round anytime you want to. But there must always be at least two of you including Josh or Simon in the house. That way nobody will think anything is going on.And that’s how it was. Once we were home Simon or Josh or both would share my bedevery night The others would frequently visit and the boys concocted a story of meeting a Spanish girl who fucked all of them at once in case anyone saw the photos I had carefully edited my face out of. With my tan it was believable as I was supposed to be out visiting friends that day. Due to a good lawyerI got the house and the villa, and the boys and I spend most summers there. Life is good.

“故事是非线性的,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事chinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白,在这个共享的开放世界中,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。

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