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deep undergroundchinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白

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deep undergroundchinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白

Kate’s Tentacle Nightmare Kate had just finished her first week in her new position as Manager of a care center, and was making her final rounds for the night before going home.She couldn’t believe her luck in being hired for the position…the facility was impeccable, the owners genuinely cared about the staff and the tenants they provided for, and the pay was more than what she’d even asked for.After her last stint in the same position at another care home, she was still trying to process why the owners were willing to pay so much for what was essentially the same position, especially considering the better environment she now was in…but she didn’t dwell on it, instead just being grateful for the opportunity.She had been involved in the caregiver field her entire career, and was the epitome of a professional, poised, and classy manager.Privately however, Kate had always harbored dark fantasies and fetishes and was a highly sexual woman.At thirty-seven years old standing 5’3” and weighing 105, she had a firm body with a nice tight round arse, and perfect 34D breasts.Her bright blue eyes were in lovely striking contrast to her raven black hair, hanging halfway down her back. Kate locked up her office and headed to the power board to turn on the security system and switch from the main lighting to the evening.This was the one area of the building Kate wasn’t fond of, as she had to navigate down a dark corridor that wasn’t kept up as nicely as the rest of the home.The only doorway present led down into the bowels of the installment, to the boiler room.Kate had seen it while touring the building during her interview, and had an uneasy feeling the entire time she was down there, even though there were three other people present.The room was poorly lit, had a humid and unpleasant atmosphere and the walls seemed to be lightly covered with some sort of moisture.The owners assured her it was due to the size and power of the boilers, and it was nothing for her to worry about.However, Kate couldn’t escape the feeling that being in the boiler room felt like stepping into an alien world and she vowed not to venture down there again without one or two strong men accompanying her. Kate passed the doorway leading down to the boiler room, making sure she was on the other side of the corridor as she did even though there was a large steel door closing the stairwell off from the passageway.She reached the power board and made the adjustments for the night, and as she was beginning to make her return trip to the office area and head home for the night, she heard a strange sound coming from below in the boiler room.Sounds that she couldn’t quite place, but it sounded like rusty hinges opening.The memory of several grating covers on ventilation shafts along the walls of the room below entered her mind, and the idea that someone might be entering from the outside through the shafts sprang forth. She knew she didn’t want to go down there alone, and if it turned out to be an intruder she wasn’t armed to deal with that…but then she heard it again, and decided she’d go down and take a quick peek.If it is an intruder, she thought, I can always come back topside and call for help.Her mind made up, she opened the door and began down the darkened stairwell to meet her fate. The stairwell was dimly lit, with only one overhead bulb providing the light and it was near the entry door.Kate held tight to the railing as she navigated thru the semi-darkness, the light fading as she made the descent.By the time she’d reached the end of the stairs and stepped into the boiler room itself, it was nearly pitch black.Her hand fumbled along the walls until she found the light switch, cringing at the slimy residue she felt.She flipped the switch, but the light was nearly as poor as the one in the stairwell, and provided little in the way of actual illumination.Kate could see the grate coverings along the wall, and as she scanned around the room she noticed that one of them was indeed unhinged.They were oddly formed, she’d noticed that when she saw them originally.Not the typical square or rectangular shapes one would normally expect, but more of an oval…but not quite a perfect oval, as it tapered inward at the top.They look like huge vaginal openings, she thought during her interview, and had to stifle a bad case of the giggles lest she looked like a fool in front of her hoped-for employers.She saw no tracks on the floor however and feeling emboldened, she decided she’d simply put the grate back into place and go home for the night.What Kate failed to notice was the smooth but steady track along the side of the wall, leading upward from the shaft the misaligned grating had covered.As a result, she failed to notice the slug-like creature that was waiting on the ceiling for its hapless prey.It was a mottled grey, blending in perfectly with the concrete surroundings, nearly twelve feet long and five feet in girth, covered in slime as any garden variety slug would be.Other than the obvious size difference, the other distinguishing feature it possessed was ten tentacles protruding from its body, five to a side.They were roughly two feet long apiece, but as Kate would soon find out, they extended to triple that length. Kate took hold of the grating and noticed immediately how much more thick the slime she felt on the walls while searching for the light switch was on the grid itself.Shit, I’m probably going to have to use a bottle of sanitizer once I’m home.The residue was lukewarm on her skin, and for an odd reason she thought to herself that it had probably been much warmer only moments before.It had a smooth, almost comforting feel to it but Kate had no idea what it might consist of so she was anxious to finish her task and clean her hands up thoroughly.As she began to move the lattice back into place, she observed that the shaft which it covered seemed to be coated with the goo even more so than the grate was.Curious, though she could not fathom why, she let the frame fall back down as she made a closer inspection of the coating inside the shaft.She tentatively extended a hand, and let it run across the floor of the tunnel, and could tell that whatever it was covering the walls was probably two inches deep on the base of the canal.Entranced, she let her hand slide through the sludge, feeling a strange warmness beginning to spread through her body.She had become so preoccupied with what the slime might be that she didn’t notice the slug above her, or its tentacles as they began to grow, and reach down to her. The forward tentacles wrapped around Kate’s upper arms, while the back two pairs reached further down until one pair each was ensnaring her thighs and calves.Kate screamed and began to struggle, but the strength of the parasite which was now controlling her was too much for her to overcome.She felt herself being lifted off the ground and pulled to the ceiling, and it was at that point she looked above her and saw the vile creature for the first time.Horror and panic overtook her, and her fighting intensified, but it was useless…she was now entwined by the tentacles, and had no chance to escape.She could see the slug’s body pulsing and throbbing as it pulled her nearer, and saw ropes of slime begin to drip from it, onto her face and body.When she was roughly two feet from the mass of flesh above her, she chanced a look at the tentacles holding her captive and saw two of them open and claws extend from them.They began tearing at her work dress, until it was undone and fell from her body leaving her only in her bra, panties, stockings and heels.The goo continued to cover her and as Kate had suspected of the slime inside the tunnel, was much warmer…almost hot.It was semi-transparent, white but with the slightest blue tint.As she opened her mouth to scream again, the monster secreted a large rope which went directly into the doomed woman’s mouth and before she knew what had happened, she swallowed a large portion of it.It felt nauseatingly gooey and warm as it slid down her throat into her belly, and unbeknownst to Kate its aphrodisiac effects were already taking place.Soon she would no longer be a victim, but a willing participant in her alien rape. The tentacles on Kate’s calves began to open her legs, while the two clawed ones began working on her bra and panties.Within a few seconds, she was stripped bare and completely exposed to her attacker.Suspended in mid-air, she could only wriggle as she felt the tendrils wrapping around her body and legs and watched with horror as the claws receded, but were replaced by what could only be described as a penis extending from the openings.They were both the same dull grey color as the rest of the creature, nearly five inches in girth and coated in the same viscous fluid.The tips of the heads featured a slit that was a quarter inch wide and was yawning open and closed as they approached the terrified woman, as if they were hungry for her body.Two other tentacles opened, and from within them extended two clear appendages with what looked to be suckers on their ends.Each of these approached Kate’s ample breasts, and upon looking down at them she was mortified that her nipples were rock hard and standing at attention.She felt the tentacles writhing up her body towards her boobs, and was at once sickened but aroused by their warm, slimy, feel.They felt much like the snails she’d eaten on holiday once, squishy, moist, and rather repulsive…yet the heat they generated between her legs could not be denied.The suction cup tentacles reached her milk-filled breasts and began to suck them, working their way towards Kate’s sensitive nipples.She could feel what could only be described as tongues within the “mouths” flicking over her while they sucked.The heat between her thighs grew hotter, and became wet with anticipation. The two penile tentacles reached her twin vaginal and anal openings and Kate felt the tips of each enter them.They penetrated her maybe an inch and stopped, and began pumping more of the slimy goo into Kate’s now greedily hungry holes.She could feel them being filled up with the liquid, and while it wasn’t an entirely pleasant sensation, she could not help but be further aroused at the anticipation of what she was being prepared for.Kate was an anal virgin, having only been adventurous enough to experiment with a finger but nothing larger…she was terrified at the prospect of something as thick as the penis tentacle violating her tight arsehole, yet insanely hot.Above her, she saw the “mouth” of the slug open and from within extended yet another tentacle with a penile tip,亚洲人成无码区在线观看 and it began approaching her face, squirting its own mucus in the process, coating her face and hair.Kate opened her mouth for it, now nothing more than a hungry slut eager for extraterrestrial cock to use her until she was drained both physically and emotionally.She would get that and much more, and in the end her mind would resemble nothing of its former self.She felt the tentacle penis enter her mouth, and began flicking her tongue over it and sucking hungrily.Its taste was rather bland and unappetizing, but Kate wanted it nonetheless.It was smooth and clammy in her mouth and continued to pump its liquid into her throat, further wearing any resistance she may have to nothing. Below, having filled Kate’s womb and bowels with fluid, the two other penises began pushing deeper into her breeding holes.Kate could feel them both expanding to accommodate their girth, and the sensation of being stretched open continued her mind’s descent into madness.Pain mixed with pleasure, to an extent she’d never experienced in her life.The twin penises continued deeper into her insides, until both were buried a full nine inches.They began pumping in and out, and Kate could feel them squirming inside her as they did.Her body began writhing and pumping back to them, and suspended in the air as she was, the entire spectacle was very twisted and erotic.Slime was now so heavy on Kate’s body that it was hanging in thick ropes from her, dripping to the floor below.All three of the slut’s holes were filled with bestial cock, and the two sucker tentacles had begun draining her milk from her heaving breasts.Kate could see the milk as it worked its way through the transparent tubes and entered the slug’s body above her.It was taking its nourishment from her, draining her in the process, but Kate was already too far gone to care.Her only focus was to please her lover, in any and every way possible. As she was slurping on the tentacle in her mouth (which by now had slid into her throat) and the two other penile tentacles were throbbing and penetrating her womb and bowels, the beast above her began to slide along the ceiling, towards the wall that held the shaft from which it emerged.Too involved in what was happening to her, Kate didn’t notice it as the slug began descending down the wall and entered the tunnel, its tentacles holding her in place behind its mass.Its body was too wide to fit without contracting, but Kate’s slim figure was able to easily slide through the opening and into the tube.She was being pulled into the bowels of the building, deep underground, into an alien world she could not comprehend…but she was blissfully unaware of that destiny at this point.The creature continued its oral, vaginal and anal rape of Kate as it pulled her further into the tunnel, after a clever pair of tentacles had put the grating back into place perfectly, hiding any evidence of what had happened.There would be no trace of Kate’s fate for anyone to find. The mollusk-like beast continued deeper and downward into the tunnel until it reached the end, which opened into a massive chamber.The floor was under two feet of the slimy secretion, and the walls were coated with the thick mucus as well.There was no resemblance to the boiler room above, instead the walls were almost organic in nature…pulsing and throbbing, as if it were the belly of a huge beast.Kate had been dragged nearly 1,000 feet below the boiler room, and was not even in the building any longer.She was alone now in an alien world, cut off from humanity for eternity with no hope for escape…not that escape would be an idea that would ever enter her mind again.The slug continued down the slope of the wall until it reached the bottom and slid effortlessly into the slime pool, dragging Kate in with it.She felt the heat of the goo envelope her body and the pleasure she felt sent electric charges through her body, and drove her deeper into insanity.As the pair settled into the muck, the slug repositioned itself on top of Kate and began pumping harder into her.Instinctively, Kate wrapped her legs around her lover as best she could, due to its fat girth.Her hips began pumping back to meet the thrusts of the alien beast, craving its seed to be planted inside her. As the two lovers entwined, their bodies convulsing against each other’s, the slug began pumping harder and faster into Kate’s starving holes.She could feel its immense power growing, and anxiously awaited what she knew it was preparing to do.She began thrusting up to it more urgently, and she could feel her body temperature rising to feverishly high levels.Panting like a bitch in heat, her tongue wagged outside her mouth, she no longer held any resemblance to the proper business-like woman she had been just an hour earlier.She was no more than an animal now, whose only purpose was to be bred.The slug lowered itself so it was lying on top of her, and she opened her mouth so that she could kiss her lover fully on its gaping maw.Her mouth was filled with a mixture of slug saliva and goo, and she happily swallowed it down.Her own body began to tremble and she knew she was getting ready to cum.She could feel the fleshy mass on top of her begin to throb more intensely and the two lovers erupted together.Kate felt massive amounts of hot, thick sperm being pumped into her womb and bowels, while her own orgasm was a huge one causing her to squirt her own juices all over the alien cock pumping her full.The pool below them had become a mixture of slug sperm, Kate’s own cum, and the goo constantly being secreted from both the mollusk on top of her and the belly of whatever beast they were now inside of. The tendril inside Kate’s arse remained in place, pumping its never-ending supply of goo into her bowels.The one in her vagina retracted, moved to her mouth, and Kate began greedily sucking it, tasting her own juices and the residue of the worm’s semen.It began pumping more slime into her belly, and combined with the slop being forced deeper into her intestines, began to nourish the woman.Kate was unaware at the time, but she was now a mommy and within her womb were dozens of gestating slugs.The slug would remain in place on top of her, filling her with the vitamins her body would need to feed its spawn once they slithered from her vagina.Over the next two weeks, Kate would be filled with the fluids emitting from the tentacles, all the while masturbating with the free hand she now had once the alien had removed the restraining tentacle.Though it didn’t process thoughts in the same manner as humans, it understood that the woman it originally had trapped and enslaved was now its willing host.Kate’s belly began to grow, and she could see the outlines of her unearthly offspring wriggling and squirming inside her womb.This only added to her fever and made her masturbate more urgently.Sleep was a distant memory by now, but with the alien nutrients being constantly pumped into her body she no longer required it.Her only focus was to constantly pleasure herself to orgasm while her future “children” grew inside her. Fourteen days after impregnating Kate, the slug withdrew from her body and slid the way such animals do into the darkness, where it died.She felt alone, but knew that its progeny lived within her and she would soon deliver them into this strange, frightening, alien world that was now her permanent home.She still lay in the pool of goop, which kept her warm and comfortable.Two hours after her lover had left her, Kate began to feel her belly convulsing and knew she was about to give birth.She spread her legs wide, and saw the outlines of her babies begin to wriggle with more urgency, moving downwards.The sensations within her were incredible, nothing like giving birth to a human baby…no pain or discomfort, just the feeling of living things inside her womb squirming to escape.She felt the first baby slug begin wriggling through the birth canal, and watched in awe as it emerged from her vagina, which was yawning open more than she thought possible.It slithered into the goo pool, and immediately sought its mother’s leg which it began to slide up towards her breasts, seeking its first meal.In the quarter hour that followed, thirty-seven more sluglettes emerged from Kate and covered her body while they waited their turns to nurse from her.She had a miniature version of her monster rapist on each breast, greedily sucking nourishment from her until they had their fill whereupon they were instantly replaced by another pair.This went on for nearly four hours until Kate’s ample breasts had been completely drained, with the sex-starved woman masturbating the entire time. The baby slugs matured at an incredible rate, and Kate’s own body replenished itself rapidly as their feeding was required several times a day.Once they had entered “adolescence”, they began to take turns fucking her (as by this point to call it “rape” would have been pointless).Feeding was no longer required, so the woman’s days were spent in a nonstop bliss as her children each took turns fucking their willing mother.They fed her the same nutrients as their late father had, keeping her alive as her only purpose now was to provide them with pleasure…and practice for each of them, as they would soon leave the nest and search for their own future “brides”.Kate’s body had now begun to merge with the fleshly floor of her host, as if they had grown together but her arms and legs were still able to move freely.She was now joined with the beast for the rest of her days, to live them out being fucked and eventually bred again and again.She would give birth to thousands of baby slugs, all of which found their own eventual mating partners in women.In a sense, Kate became something of the “slug queen” and one day in the distant future, all of Earth’s women would be doomed to the same fate she had sealed for herself by being stupidly brave and checking on an unfamiliar noise.But in Kate’s mind she was finally at home, and at last serving her ultimate purpose of being used and fucked into oblivion.



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