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my pussy throbbed国产幕精品无码亚洲精品

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my pussy throbbed国产幕精品无码亚洲精品

(The third part of Chloe's story)I had been in New York now for almost 3 months and I was just finishing up the contract Anna had sent me there to complete. It had gone really well, better than my team originally expected and we were all really happy with our work. So when Dylan, the head of the NY office told me Anna was coming to town I felt pretty good. After my dirty little session with Liam and a massive black rubber dildo in the London offices mail room I had been pretty much celibate. I didn't want to get into any dodgy situations in New York, so I kept everything very professional as Anna had said. Several guys and even a couple of girls had made passes at me in the office but I kept my distance and earned the nick name 'the Queen', a nod to my Englishness and also often in conjunction with the word 'ice', but I didn't mind. I went out with the team for a drink or dinner occasionally but purely to maintain good will and morale. I wont say that I wasn't getting crazy-horny but I could always go home to my growing collection of sex toys and hard core porn to deal with that particular itch. Anna's IT and Legal teams had done a very good job of erasing any evidence of that drunken gang fuck in London, so as far as I could see the NY team were totally unaware of my slutty history.I realised that I was very lucky to be in Anna's good graces and felt very grateful and keen to show my gratitude. So when I got a call from her one friday afternoon to say she was in New York and inviting me to a corporate meeting with some new clients over dinner, I acquiesced immediately.She gave me the name of a very exclusive venue and told me that she would be sending over the outfit I had to wear. "Please don't think Im being controlling but I need you to look your up-most for these clients, it will make all the difference"."Of course Anna, I'm more than happy to do whatever I can to make this meeting go well, you've done so much for me its the least I can do""Excellent, I knew I could count on you Chloe, see you at eight"I got to my apartment that evening to find a selection of boxes waiting for me, special delivery from Anna. I carried them into my bedroom, took of my jacket, kicked off my shoes and opened the first box. Once out the wrapper I could see the familiar Burberry logo on the box, inside were a pair of black leather Lysterfield ankle boots, I had been lusting after a pair of these since they came out, Anna had such good taste. I opened the other boxes to see what other delights awaited me. The next box was from Agent Provocateur in London, pulling back the tissue paper revealed a gorgeous double strapped 'Marcella' thong in soft black leather, and that was all, I took it as a suggestion that I wouldn't be wearing a bra with this outfit. The most beautiful top came out of a box from Helmut Lang, it was sleeveless in draped white satin, its neckline hung low and the soft material fell loosely over my naked breasts, it felt amazing. I stood in front of my mirror in the white top and leather thong, smiling like a girl on her birthday as I opened another Helmut Lang box, this one containing a pair of skin tight leather jeans. I grinned as I thought about how good this outfit would look and also how much it all cost. I giggled as poured myself a glass of white wine and slipped out of my clothes ready for a shower.I was ready in good time, I had piled my long blonde hair up and pinned it in place, it looked elegant and showed of my long neck. A touch of simple make up and a pair of diamond stud earrings finished the look. I slipped into my new black thong, pulling it over my round ass with a tight snap. Then came the jeans, these took a little more effort, but a couple of minutes of wiggling on my bed managed to get them on perfectly, I ran my hands over my leather clad, shiny legs and ass and felt a tingle, my toy collection would be taking a beating when I got home tonight. The Lang top slipped over my head and hung sensually over my tits, the material was slightly sheer and the out line of my full, round boobs could just be made out. The boots looked great with the jeans, and I practically purred while I tightened the buckles. I was ready just in time, my phone rang as Anna's driver announced his arrival.I hopped into the rear seat, as the driver held open the door, "I've been told to inform you that Miss Rhodes will meet you at the restaurant, miss", he said before closing the door of the black Mercedes. I reclined on the cream coloured leather seat in the rear of the car. The driver didn't speak for the rest of the journey, so I gazed out of the window at the nighttime New York streets, occasionally running my hand over my tight, leather clad thigh and enjoying the sensual feeling. As I did this I noticed the driver glance in the mirror in that way that made clear that I looked good.After about 15 minutes we arrived and the car door was held open once again, I walked into the restaurant, confirming my meeting with Miss Rhodes with the Maitre'd, who assigned a waiter to take me to her table. I walked behind the young waiter through the sumptuous restaurant feeling the gaze of the room fall upon me, it felt good to be out of my rather conservative work clothes and in to a more elegant and sexy outfit that flattered my young body. I felt sexy and that in turn made me feel sensual国产幕精品无码亚洲精品, alive and very horny."Chloe my dear"国产幕精品无码亚洲精品, Anna rose as I arrived at her table, she was dressed in a gorgeous white cowl necked dress that showed her figure off perfectly."Oh Anna you look amazing! Is that Givenchy?" I asked as I took the seat offered by the waiter."No darling, Givenchy is only ever for work, this is a little Victoria Beckham number I picked up in Harrods before I left"Anna's dark hair fell in large waves over her shoulders and her eyes sparkled, she looked incredible. "I hope you like the outfit I chose for you? You do look wonderful, such a beautiful body and those legs of yours look fantastic in black leather. Im pretty sure most of the men in here were practically devouring you with their eyes as you walked in".I smiled, "Oh god I love this outfit, its wonderful. I shall be sad to see it go back after tonight"."Don't be silly Chloe, its all yours, think of it as an extra little bonus from me"I thanked her as she casually gestured to the sommelier who arrived with a chilled bottle of something white and perfect. Our table was set for two, "I thought we were meeting some clients over dinner?", I asked sipping the first crisp drop of my wine."After dinner, I wanted to go over the work you've done here while we eat, if its not too dull, and then prime you for the meeting with our new clients over coffee".So thats what happened, over the course of one of the best meals I've ever had Anna asked me about the new contract we had set up and congratulated me on a job well done.As the plates were cleared Anna gazed into my eyes for a time, as if she was trying to judge if the moment was right."Chloe, tonight is a very special meeting, its the culmination of some complicated planning and power brokering, but if it works it could be the start of something very, very big for the company. And you are the key", I moved to speak but a gesture from Anna silenced me."I've been very impressed with the way you controlled your... 'instincts' here in New York. For a girl with deep passions like you, that must have been difficult, and I respect that.", Anna paused as a waiter arrived with our coffee, she smiled and he left."I am aware of what happened in the mail room in London before you left"."But...", I gasped but she cut me off"Oh Chloe I have cameras in all my offices, especially the mail rooms where so many important documents are", she sipped her espresso."Don't worry the video was deleted and only 2 people have seen it, myself and Køernig, my head of security".I blushed at the thought of Anna watching a video of me being brutally ass fucked by a guy while I had a monster black dildo stuffed in my pussy."Don't be embarrassed Chloe, you shouldn't be ashamed of your sexuality, its what makes you who you are, its where a lot of your power comes from and..", she paused, "..its what I need to close this deal."I looked at her blankly, "What do you mean?""The men we are going to meet are some of the biggest names in world business, they have sexual requirements that, if made public, would finish them. They require someone suitable who is willing to explore their 'needs', but whose discretion can be guaranteed. For this they are all willing to pay a very large sum of money, and also help me move my company into a very bright future."I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "You want me to be their whore?" I whispered. As soon as I said the words I felt my heart beat faster and my skin tingle, what I thought was indignation was in fact arousal.Anna leant in, I could smell her perfume, "Chloe, we both know that you are a deeply sexual young woman and that right now your urges are building, the mere thought of what I have suggested is making your blood run hot. When you feel like this you would do whatever any of these powerful men suggest, no matter how filthy, how taboo and you would do it for no charge. So no, you are not a whore but you are a horny little fuck toy and you know it"She was right, I was so horny now I could feel my body alive in these sexy clothes, my nipples aching, my ass tight in their jeans and my pussy, oh god my pussy! I felt like I could lie back on this table in a crowded restaurant and let anyone have their way with me. I looked into Anna's dark eyes and saw a glint of recognition, "oh Anna..", I breathed lustily, "How do you control it?"Anna smiled, "I have my ways, but I see in you how I was, how I still am. Thats why I chose you."I remembered her talking to me back in the London office after I had been videoed taking a gang of strangers in the toilet of a bar, "You said to me that you had done something when you were starting out, something likeI had?"."Yes, I had just been promoted, I made the company a lot of money with some smart dealing and had come to the attention of my bosses, they put me in charge of our office in Naples, I was only 22. I suddenly had money and power, it felt great but made me reckless. I went out with some colleagues for a few drinks in the city, after a few hours most had drifted off home and I was left drinking with a guy from work called Carl. We ended up in a lap-dance bar drinking champagne in a private room with two dancers, having a great time. This guy paid the dancers to both give me a lap dance. I was like you, when I got drunk my horny side would take over. These two gorgeous dancers writhed around touching each other, pushing there perfect bodies against me. I knew it was against club rules but before I knew it, I had my hands on their young, lithe bodies, and they didn't stop me. The curtain was pulled closed and more money change hands and next thing I know Carl is getting his own 3 girl sex show. The girls stripped me, while one took off my dress the other kissed me, or sucked on my tits. Soon we were all naked and one girl began to lick my eager young pussy while the other gently kissed me, pulling at my nipples. The girl kissing me, moved astride my face and lowered her moist little pussy over my face and I licked her passionately, while the other girl began to finger me. I was writhing around pushing my soaking pussy onto her fingers. Two fingers became three, then four then five as she eased her fist into me, and it felt amazing as she pumped me with her hand as if it were a huge cock.I was totally absorbed in these two girls and they made me cum over and over, the last thing I remember was being sandwiched by their naked bodies and looking up to see Carl standing over us, his erect cock in his hand, grunting red faced as he fired thick ropes of hot wet cum across my face and tits".I looked at her, my pussy throbbed, I wanted to touch her, kiss her, grind my horny little cunt against hers until we both came. I bit my gloss red lip and knew she could read how I felt about her,"What happened?", I asked."Carl was a mouthy sod, so before long everyone in the company knew about it and eventually I got the call from the CEO to go to his office"."How did you convince him not to sack you?"Anna, pouted sexily, "I let him and his ancient friends use me every weekend for about 6 months, the dirty bastards. They were all in their 60's but you'd think they were teenagers by the way they fucked my young body, but he kept his part of the deal: Carl was fired and information was released explaining that Carl had made the whole thing up in an attempt to get me fired so he could take my position. It worked,女女同性av片在线观看免费 and within those 6 months I made enough money and contacts to get the CEO nudged into early retirement, a year later I was in charge. And now its just one of the companies I own".I sat back, amazed and excited and also I realised I was desperate to be alone in a room with this woman, but as I had these naughty thoughts the maitre'd approached and informed Anna that her guests were here and waiting in the private lounge.I followed Anna into the private rooms of the venue, I eyed her body in the wonderful tight white dress as she walked in front of me, I knew she could teach me a thing or two about sexual fulfilment. I wondered how she quenched her needs without her employees or the press finding out, I wondered what such a powerful, sexual woman did to get her kicks, my pussy buzzed as we entered the private room and the door closed behind us."Gentleman, this is Chloe, the girl I told you about. I'm sure you recognise her from the clips I sent you".Anna stepped aside as I walked into the middle of the room between 5 leather chairs in which sat 5 men in beautifully tailored suits. They all stood up politely and one approached taking my hand and kissing it, "Miss Silver, you look divine, even better than I had been led to believe. I am Daniel Rogers".I smiled at him, a handsome man, in his 50s but fit and tall with a full head of strikingly grey hair."I am Tako Sugimoto", said an Asian man, probably only in his 30's but completely bald, and a foot shorter than Mr Rogers."Hello", I said before another man moved forward and introduced himself, he was tall and powerfully built with ice blue eyes, "Im Curtis Williams, a pleasure to meet you".I nodded at Curtis and smiled, the men were standing so close, I felt surrounded and slightly giddy knowing that they were willing to pay a lot of money to use me any way they wanted, to make me their little fuck toy."Hey Sugar", came a deep voice from behind me, I span around to find myself facing the multi-millionaire hip hop producer K-Lo."oh my, I know you.." I blurted"Yeah you do and your gonna know me a whole lot better soon", he smiled. Damn he was an attractive black man.K-lo nodded over my shoulder,"This is Mr.Ryan, he's a big fan of yours", I turned around to find a man probably in his 60s at least, short fat and bald."Hello my dear", he said and brushed his hand against my cheek making a nervous chill run through me.Anna stepped forward,"Now gentleman we agreed on the terms. Each of you gets Chloe for one weekend starting at 10pm on the friday and ending at 10pm sunday. You must deliver her home by the agreed hour in a fit state. Chloe will sign legally binding secrecy contract and in turn she will agree to be compliant to your every need within the period of the contract. I believe you agreed to a system to decide in which order you get access to her?""Yes, we have drawn numbers from a bag, one to five in order of access", said K-Lo his eyes locked onto mine, "Mr Williams drew the first weekend"."Excellent", said Anna,"Curtis, Chloe is now in your charge until Sunday night".Mr Williams smiled and nodded and the other men slowly filed out of the room. Anna walked up to me with some paper work, "Read through this and sign it Chloe, Curtis has already signed it and paid what was required to secure you for the weekend. Once you sign it you are his until 10pm on Sunday", she grinned,"..and don't worry about being in the office on Monday, for the records you are officially assisting me now".I read the contract, noticing the obscene sum of money I would be paid and signed willingly. I was now totally in the hands of this stranger, Mr Williams. Anna kissed me on the cheek, I felt her hand against my naked back under my top as she pressed me into her, her bra-less tits crushed into mine and I felt the need to kiss her properly, but she moved away and left me alone with Curtis.I looked up into his eyes and could see the lust evident in his gaze."Chloe, I'm going to take you back to my country estate for the weekend, its only a hour and a half drive away, I think you will like it", as he spoke he moved one of his big strong hands over my tightly clad ass, obviously enjoying the feeling."Mmm look at you. Such a well built girl for such a petite frame, what are you? Twenty or so? but you could pass for younger.. but these tits", he said his other hand moving under my loose top and feeling one of my big natural breasts,"..so big for such a small girl".He sat down on the leather sofa, patting the seat next to him, I obeyed and joined him, leaning my body towards him, moving one of my shiny leather legs up and over, offering a sheer thigh for his hand."I've always had big tits, since I was about 14", my hand traced across his chest"When did you become.. sexually active Chloe?", he asked as my hand moved lower."I was 15", I whispered, my finger circling the top of his flies"Who was your first? Some young boy at high school?""No", I said as ran my fingers down his crotch tracing the ridge of his stiffening cock," it was my uncle""yes?" he said quietly, his cock giving a twitch. I began to unzip him, my small hand sliding into his trousers, pulling out his semi erect cock, its fat swollen head still covered in its foreskin.With Curtis' warm hardening cock in my hand I began to tell him about the time I realised the power my body had over men:It was summer and I was in the pool at my dads house, floating lazily around on an inflatable dolphinenjoying the sunshine. My uncle Mike was visiting my dad and they were sat on loungers by the pool chatting and taking no notice of me... or so I thought. I was wearing a white one piece swimsuit and had my long blonde hair in pigtails. I slid off the dolphin and had a bit of a swim to cool off. Dad said something, so I lifted my head out of the water to hear him."Hey hun, Im just nipping into town to get some things for dinner, Mikes going to stay here, no need for us all to go", he said standing on the edge of the pool."Ok dad no problem", I lay back into the cool water and moved into a back stroke. Dad walked off as a did a couple of lengths before moving back towards the inflatable. As dad got into the car I looked over at Mike and noticed he was looking at me in a strange kind of way. I wiggled to get comfy, straddling the wet rubber dolphin. It squeaked as I moved and it felt kind of nice brushing against my wet tits. I was a bit self conscious of my growing tits, they seemed huge and had drawn quite a lot of comments from girl at school, and now Uncle Mike was clearly staring at them."Christ Chloe, you've grown up quick", he said"Uncle Mike! You cant say that!""What? its true.. I didn't mean.. oh christ not like that!", he stumbled for wordsI sat up, giving him a great view of my pert round tits, clearly defined inside the wet swimsuit, my body glistening from sun oil and water, my wet thighs gripping the inflatable. I began to rock my hips, rubbing my little pussy on the dolphins back. Mike was hypnotised, his expression was blank and I could clearly see a thick bulge forming down the leg of his swim shorts. I was young but i wasn't stupid, I new what was going on: I was turning him on.I slipped back into the water and swam to the edge near him, I slowly eased my taught young body out of the pool, keeping eye contact, enjoying my new found power. Mike looked uncomfortable as I walked slowly towards him and then stopped next to the lounger, water dripping from my wet body, my hard nipples jutting under my swimsuit."Whats wrong Uncle Mike?""n..n nothing Chloe. Look get a towel, or put a t shirt on.. your.. your dad will..""What is it Mike?"I ran my hands over my tits and down my belly , the water pushing out of the material, the suit was now practically see through.Uncle Mike, breathed out slowly,"fuck"I sat on the edge of the lounger, and reached out, my small hand resting on his now sizeable erection. "Chloe no", he said but made no attempt to moveWith one hand on his cock I slipped the other under the strap of my one piece and eased it over my tits, letting them pop free with a bounce."Jesus Chloe.."I eased the waist of his shorts down and pulled his rock hard cock out. It was the first time I had seen one in the flesh and it was a beauty: thick and hard with a big swollen head pulling free from under the foreskin."Oh Mike its lovely, so hard too", I began to stroke it.With my other hand I grabbed the sun oil and squirted a generous load over my tits, letting it run down my belly and pool in my crotch."Please Uncle Mike don't be shy, you've been staring at them all day, nows your chance to feel them."He reached up and with a deep moan of pleasure began to squeeze one of my oily wet tits while I stroked his rock hard dick with my oil covered hand.I leant forward and positioned his straining erection between the firm pillows of my 15 year old tits, and he gave in and began to slowly thrust his gorgeous cock back and forth, its shiny bulbous head almost hitting my face. I opened my lips and let it slide easily into my young mouth."Oh fuuuck Chloe we shouldn't..."I ignored him and bobbed my head up and down, trying not to gag as his knob hit the back of my throat, I concentrated, moving my tongue around under his shaft and then managed to get it right into my throat, feeling his balls on my chin and his hands on the back of my head."you little tease ... you little slut..oh fuck, oh yes", grunted Mike, seemingly passed his initial concerns. Grabbing a handful of my hair he pulled my face clear of his raging erection, the expression on his face was one of complete animal lust. He rolled me onto my back on the lounger and pulled my swimsuit to one side revealing my little virgin pussy. He lined up his angry oil and spit covered cock and began to push it into my young body. I openedfor him, the pleasure almost too much, I waited for the pain but none came, just more pleasure and more, and more hard cock.He ploughed into me relentlessly, gripping my tiny waist in both hands and fucking me as hard as he could. "You little SLUT, you little fucking whore, you wanted this didn't you, you cock hungry little bitch!"He stared down at me while he fucked me, his teenage niece, with her big naked tits covered in oil and spit, her mouth open and eyes rolling in pleasure... and then he came. Releasing thick bolts of hot cum deep inside my unprotected pussy. I felt each throbbing squirt splash up into me and then he collapsed forward his face on my glistening wet tits."Oh god uncle Mike.. Im not on the pill", I whispered feeling his cum run out onto the floor. Then dads car pulled into the drive, I hopped up and dived into the pool, my body tingling and my pussy seeping hot jism into the water.As I finished telling Curtis about me and Uncle MIke he swore and jerked in his seat as a thick burst of cum shot from his veiny cock and splashed over my arm and hand, I dipped my head quickly to catch the next load in my mouth, taking his twitching cock between my lips and feeling the cum fill my throat.I swallowed and lazily licked his cock clean, then sucked the stray splashes from my fingers.Curtis looked at me,"mmm Chloe, we are going to have a lot of fun this weekend"

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