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shaved completely国产幕精品无码亚洲精品

Please... Break Me by Lilith04I woke up a little dizzy. Just by moving in bed, I felt everything that hurt, and a lot of me was hurting, inside and out. I moved my slender legs out of bed, and they felt wobbly as if they belonged to someone else. My long, dark-brown hair, disheveled, fell over my sleepy face. My feet barely touched the floor. Tall bed, short girl. I took a deep breath. In between feeling terrible about myself - what actually started this whole thing - and feeling fulfilled, I went for the second. My entrances, touching the mattress, felt so sensitive, sore… The slightest stimulation and I felt myself getting wet. Barely eighteen, I've been used more in the last two months than the rest of my short life altogether. I looked at the cute, expensive clothes I used the night before scattered around my bed, as I didn't even have the strength to put them away before I carried myself to shower, then to sleep. I looked down at my naked chest, and my small breasts had marks all over them; my light pink colored nipples had a red tone to them as if they had been pinched, bitten that same morning. Just by that, I could imagine how the rest of my body must have looked, how many marks they must have left by the way they handled me. They had a lot of fun with me yesterday. In a twisted way, me too. I'd do it all again as soon as he asked me to.I looked at my phone, 7 unread messages.Alex, 1:23AM, "Message me as soon as you get home so I know you got there safely."Luke, 1:45AM, "shit youre perfect"Alex, 1:51, "Are you home yet?"Victor, 2:00, "Had to change clothes before getting home, as they still smell of you. Call me tomorrow so we can talk about your new car."Victor, 2:04, "Have a good night, princess."Alex, 2:30, "Your phone tracker says you're home, so I won't call, but I'll deal with you tomorrow." Alex, 2:41AM, "I sincerely don't know why I wait. Call me in the morning. That's an order."I sigh. I'd better call, or he'd get mad at me."Hi… Sorry...""How are you feeling?" I could feel the tension in his voice."As if a truck ran over me… I kinda passed out after I got home." I say coyly, then I chuckle so he knows I am ok."If you need anything, just let me know. Yesterday was… Intense.""Yes, it was… For a moment, I thought you guys would kill me…." Always with a joking tone, but always telling the truth."Never gonna happen. We care about you. I care about you."I don’t think they’d do anything to me that would put my life in danger, not really. But while being sandwiched between two of them, while they take no prisoners, ravaging me back and front, while the other lace my long hair on a fist and fiercely makes me take him down his throat… When something like this is happening, I’m not caring about myself, and I don’t think they are either. I feel like being split apart as if they are competing to see who gets the most out of my fragile body, so small in comparison to all of theirs, even Luke’s, who was lean and tall, or Alex’s muscular, ripped body… Victor is just a monster of a man. I whimper while they pushed their way inside, I moan when my insides make my body pulse in pleasure. Two months ago I was an inexperienced teenage girl, now I just wondered how much was too much. I wondered if it would ever be enough, or if they’d just keep trying me until… Until they broke me for good. "Sometimes I think to myself… Won't you guys lose interest if you keep doing whatever you want to me… I mean… There will be a point in which I won't be able to… You know…""Sophia, you're mine. If they change their minds or not in the future, that won't change. And I'll take everything you can offer for as long as you understand that, accept that. You're mine.""O-Ok…" I always liked when he was possessive, domineering, and even though I didn't have much of a say about when he'd be sharing me with the other two, I always looked up for the moments in which it would be just the two of us. Those were the moments in which he was harder on me, yes. The moments in which I thought I wouldn't be able to endure it anymore, moments in which pleasure, pain, and fear of something irreversible happening to me mixed up so much that I'd get terrified, yes. But those were also the moments I felt his feelings towards me the most, and that's what counted. If he needed the others to be able to ravage me the way he wanted to, I'd be willing to take the three of them for as long as he wanted.It all started with him. To me, there was only him.…I was drowning in debt, finishing my senior year at high school, trying to make money for college, paying for my own living, some of my parents' bills, they had so many medical debts… Even though I always seemed too shy to make it work, the job as a waitress was making me really good money. Moms tipped me well by seeing how much I struggled with my shyness trying to talk to people, but I did it anyway, and they probably imagined their own daughters having to work as I did. Dads, I imagined they'd feel the same… But they were men after all, and tipping nicely the blue-eyed, pretty brunette made them feel good about themselves. Then, the pandemic hit.After a while, I started getting desperate, and that's when a good friend of mine said the fatidic line, "You should get a sugar daddy to pay for your bills. I did. Most of these guys just want company. Mine doesn't even touch me, so I tease him all night long to keep him interested, then I go home and fuck with my boyfriend," Ashley said with a laugh. She even told me her "daddy" had a friend looking for someone.That's how I met Mr. Martinelli. Or Alex, as he asked me to call him as soon as we met. He asked to meet me at a café before we agreed on anything. I had to fight my social anxiety, my fears, my insecurities all at once. I was the girl that had had only one boyfriend and had sex only a couple of times before he broke up with me to go to college, then never again.Moreover, it only happened because we knew each other since we were young. I always had very, very low self-esteem, my years as a teenager feeling like a nightmare, and my parents just made it worse, trying to stop their daughter from doing "depraved things" by using the worst strategy possible: putting her down. My best friend at the time, then-boyfriend, taking forever to kiss me, or touch me, just corroborated what they said. I was worthless. After puberty hit and changed me for good, there was still a lot of "but." The guys I didn't want hitting on me constantly, the ones that I did, I didn't dare to let anything happen. People said I looked good, but that was it. But she is too shy, too introspective, too antisocial…At first glance, I knew there was something weird in all of that. Handsome, wealthy, well-mannered, Alex spoke to me as if he knew me for a long time already. Always respectful, he talked to me as if we were friends, respecting my silences, looking at me as if interested in me, not dissecting me with his eyes like guys tended to do. The waitresses passed by the table looking at him, at how elegant Mr. Alex looked in his tailored dark gray suit, his brown hair aloofly combed to the side, and his green eyes… He wasn't even forty yet. What was a man like him doing looking for a girl to make him company? I couldn't get my head around that! It was all too weird… Yet so unbelievably perfect...Reality only showed itself way after coffee when we were already inside his car. He did this sugar daddy thing to meet young women, seize them up, get a feeling of their personalities, and then decide if they were worth his attention. He wanted the girls that were already looking for money, already selling themselves in a sense, so then he would propose what he really wanted. To have them, to try them, to experience them. He didn't want to pay for whores; he wanted the real deal, real experiences. He wanted to break them, little by little, into subservient sex toys. I didn't know it yet, but I wanted to be broken. By him, no one else.Once inside his black Aston Martin, he made a move on me, even before offering me anything in compensation for my time, for my body, as I both expected and dreaded. Alex saw through me; he found out he'd be able to do things to me if he wanted to without needing a "deal" for that. He touched the pale white skin of my thigh… I felt goosebumps. I just stayed quiet, looking the other way. His hand slipped under the hem of my light blue summer dress, and I gasped. I didn't move, I didn't oppose, I just couldn't make myself do it. Soon, his fingers were grazing that part of me, and my whole body tingled.That's when I looked him in the eyes. No words, just my wide-open eyes looking at his impassive face in the dim light of the car. Not saying a word, he slipped my panties to the side, and he touched me there, feeling the lips of my young pussy… I gasped openly, loudly, my face burning, and he smiled. It was all over his face that he liked how shy I was, how I clawed my fingers on the sides of the seat, trying to stop myself from running away or asking him to stop. At that moment, he already looked at me as if he owned me, body and soul. One finger found its way between the lips of my overly sensitive pussy, not getting in, just feeling my little slit, up and down, and I was wet.His eyes filled with meaning, and he leaned to my side, his face looking for mine. We kissed. I breathed hard through my nose, terrified of how willing to let him take me I already was."Sophia… Everything that is absurdly tempting about you, your shyness, your inexperience, how lovely you are, are the things that are making me give you one chance to get out of this. I'll give you one last chance to run away. If you don't take it, I'm taking you to an apartment, and I'm going to do things to you…." He carefully inserted a finger in me, and my body went even stiffer, my mouth open, my brows flickering, "But at the end, enjoying yourself or not, I'll help you with whatever you need afterward. I know what you came looking for today, and I wouldn't be a man of my word if I didn't ease some of your burdens. Just don't consider it payment. This is not what this is. You'll let me have you, and we'll be friends after that. Give yourself to me, and we can be more than that."The way he said it, I felt as if being transported to an erotic dream, stuff that happened only in the many books I read when feeling lonely, unloved. I thought of how I'd let my ex-boyfriend do whatever he wanted to me, and he never did much. He didn't want me enough. I was raised to date, marry, and spend the rest of my life with one person, and that life I looked up for was shattered by that person going to college and not even thinking twice about breaking up with me, already making out with other girls, for all I knew.Alex wanted me. I could see it all over him, including how his thing bulged inside his pants. Yet, he offered me an escape route in case I wanted to take it. He had spent the last two hours just getting to know me, even though I could barely speak to him, nervous as I was.Silence reigned again while he just looked at me… Then, he kissed me again, and I felt a second finger making its way inside me. I gasped,女女同性av片在线观看免费 and I arched my back."Sophia… You are so, so tight…." He said, and I felt his fingers starting to move inside of me, in and out……"Are you there?" He asked on the phone, taking me out of my reveries."Y-Yes… Sorry.""I know yesterday was a lot for you, but what about you coming to my place tonight?""Alex… I'm all sore….""I know, and you'll be even more after you leave my place tonight. Yet, I'm asking you to come. It will be only me tonight. Will you?" He said in that tone that wasn't demanding, but that let me know exactly what he wanted me to do. He did that every time he wanted to assert his control over me, over my emotions… And he knew I couldn't resist."Yes… Sure.""Do you have classes?""No. I mean, yes, but they are online.""Good. Take some rest, and I'll see you at seven.""Ok… Do you want me to get ready for something?""Just the usual.""Ok… See you at night, then.""See you tonight, sweetheart."The day dragged on. That's how I knew I was more excited than worried. Around five, I started with the usual. I ate as light as possible, cleaned myself for anal sex, shaved completely, perfume, make-up, pill... At six-thirty, the uber was already in front of my tiny apartment; at seven, I was there.…The first time I saw that place, the imposing building, the upscale apartment, my heart was pumping like a drum. Alex was attentive, warm, and offered me a drink, but just a sip, as he didn't want me even slightly drunk. He wanted me to feel everything, every last bit of it, and I felt a lot. Soon, my summer dress was on the floor, and I was in bed with him. What started gently, instantly enjoyable, his hands and lips everywhere, turned into something else as soon as he finally had his muscular body on top of mine, then in. He pushed himself inside me with a groan and told me I was tight, so tight. I didn't think it was possible to feel any discomfort or even pain after you had already had your first time. I was wrong. It had been years since my first two and only times, and he was big, way bigger than my then-boyfriend. I felt myself stretching down there to accommodate him. I winced, groaned, but somehow my mind was fixated on his words: it hurt because I was tight, and that was a good thing. My petite body rocked back and forth while I laid on my back, his eyes on mine as he pushed forward, and I tried to hold back my groans."Don't fight it, just let it happen…." He whispered, his mouth close enough to kiss.Obediently, I started moaning and groaning for him as he slowly got deeper and deeper inside of me. I didn't resist at all. I just took it, just let him have me. He was gradually letting himself go as well, and soon his licking my nipples became tugging with his teeth, the somewhat gentle pace became hard, deep thrusts. He rolled me to the side, then made me stay on my hands and knees… And that's when he furiously started to fuck me, taking no prisoners. My voice echoed through the fancy room while I cried, letting my upper body fall on the bed, my little fingers clawing the mattress. My legs shook, as did my everything, that sensation pulsating from my love nub, lower stomach, and irradiating all over me. I was possessed by him; I was his to use, and there was no turning back. The wetter I got, the further he went inside of me, and soon his cock started consistently hitting that deeper part of me. Every sound coming out of me got even more desperate."Oh, fuck, Sophia…." He groaned in pleasure, and my will to ask him to stop, to tell him it was too deep, it was gone. It hurt a lot… But I liked it. I savored it. In my head, that was proof of how much he wanted me. I bit the white and big pillow he had put under me, and I just groaned even louder, sharper, my eyes full of tears, my body full of him. That's when I felt his hand on my head, under my hair, and he caressed me. I let out a moan, so heartfelt, coming from so deep, that he acknowledged it instantly, "That's it, sweetheart… You are mine, aren't you?""Y-Y-Yes…" My voice was muffled by the pillow and followed the rhythm of his frantic thrusts.…7PM, and I was standing in front of his apartment's door. I wished he stopped sharing me with his friends. I knew he enjoyed me going through intense things, just like the things he would do to me today. But no one else could say I was theirs. If I took their cocks everywhere, their hands could go all over me, as did their mouths, their teeth, that's because he allowed it. Just like him, they had been very nice to me too. Victor had just given me a car. He said he was grateful. Luke took me out shopping four times in these last two months. He said I needed to wear clothes that were more suitable for a girl as beautiful, as unique as I was. Alex tended to everything else. I didn't have to work anymore. Yet, they said all the time they weren't paying to have me, to do whatever they wanted to me; those were gifts. Only Alex was very vocal, saying that I wasn't a whore, and that I should never even think of something like that. I was just his, and he took care of what was his. And I was into that lie, that beautiful lie, as I was really his."Hi…""Hello, Sophia."He wrapped me in his arms, taking my feet off the floor. After smelling my hair, he kissed me, and I felt myself melting inside. Soon, as he put me back on my feet, he slid down one of the straps of a beautiful dark blue and long dress he had given me some weeks ago, kissing my shoulder."I have a deal for you…." He said with his husky voice."Yes…?""I want to do something a little extreme to you tonight… And if you go through with it like the good girl you are, I won't share you with them anymore…." He kept kissing my collarbone, my neck while I felt his hands unzipping the dress even before we left the entrance hall of his enormous apartment."I'll do it…." I just said it. It's what I wanted. I didn't even stop to consider something more extreme than having three voracious men inside of me at once, one in each of the entrances of my young body. Or the way they slapped me all over whenever they felt like it or how they tended to bite me… Or how Alex used to tighten his hand around my neck at least once every night, the lack of air making my body convulse even more than it already did after he had used me for hours… "You can do whatever you want to me. I'm yours…."Alex smiled, satisfied, but there was a wicked glow in his eyes. I tried to think of something that could be "extreme" and that he hadn't done to me yet. On our third encounter, he had already gotten me prepared to take it on my behind. I cried like a baby even with all the lube he used, even if he played with his fingers there for a long time to get me ready. Again, I was a very good girl, and I just let my owner have me just like he wanted. What helped was how he always took his time while in the middle of these things to bring me pleasure. He would touch my sex with his expert fingers, play with my love nub, rub me, fondle me… There wasn't a night with him in which I hadn't had at least one orgasm, usually more, way more. In fact, he loved to make me get there before he entered me, so I'd be soaked, extra sensitive, and even more responsive. And I always knew that he loved my reactions, to make me feel things, the more, the better. There were nights in which he'd touch my clit, play with it for minutes, making me come for him once or twice… To then start using both hands, working the inside part of my entrance, stimulating my g-spot while tirelessly making his magic with my clit… And I'd go crazy, moan loudly, and when it felt like it was all too much already if I even made a gesture for him to stop, he'd tie me up and start it all over again. Then, he'd fuck me senseless, use all of me, front, back, mouth, like the perfect sex toy I was.So, what would be extreme?He kissed me more than usual, caressed me more than usual, offered me a drink, and I drank whiskey with him for the first time ever. I loved it, and at the same time, I grew terrified. Or he finally wanted to let me know he loved me, which I knew he did… Or what he was about to do was really, really bad.Was he about to torture me or something? He knew I had a certain tolerance for pain, especially when I was aroused, but even though I knew he was into BDSM - which I researched everything I could about right after the first time he got me tied in leather. The day I got to know what a spacer bar was, or how much I could still scream with a gag ball in my mouth - but for some reason, I still thought it wasn't that.Soon he had my slender, short, pale white body, full of red marks all over as reminders of what had happened the night before, completely nude in front of him. He had me sit in front of him, my back leaning onto his, legs spread, and he started touching me. I was so sensitive that I instantly threw my head back, resting it on his shoulder."This…" He said while he inserted two of his fingers inside my wet, abused, oversensitive entrance, making me gasp, "I'll save for my cock only from now on…."I smiled while gasping. It's what I wanted. I wanted to be his, and his alone."But I want to see how much you can take down here…." His finger slipped down to my ass…"W-What do you mean?""You know I like to test your limits… Well, tonight, if you're brave enough, I'll put all of this inside of you..." And he showed me his hand.Oh my God. Oh my God."You said you like me tight… Won't that ruin me for you?" I tried to contain myself, but I knew I sounded scared."No, not really. But I'm saving some of you in case it happens. How much do you mean it when you say you're mine?""You promise it will be only you and me after this?""Yes," and he kissed me. "I told you more than once why I do all of this. How I don't want to have someone… And I've been trying to avoid feeling this way about you for a while now. I've been purposefully sharing you if them... I've been pushing you to see if you'd break, and I'd have an excuse to let you go… But you never do. I know the only thing that really scares you is something damaging you. You're scared that if I leave you, you'd be ruined for someone else. You're scared that if you're "too used," I'll lose interest in you. Tell me this isn't the truth.""I-It is…" I admitted. How was he able to read me so fucking well, I asked myself."So, this is something I wanted to do to you for a while now… And it is something that I know for a fact won't destroy you like you think it will… Something I know I can tell you as many times as I want, and you won't believe me. So, if you take the chance to let me break you like this… I'll have the chance to prove to you I'll have you, even if you're broken…."Before he finished his sentence, I sat up, then I leaned forward, got on all fours, then put my torso down, my head touching the mattress and my small butt up in the air. My legs were spread, and I was in the most vulnerable position I could think of."Please... Break me…"


这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour),接下来的几天里,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数国产幕精品无码亚洲精品,一度逼近15000人。

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