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some have restraints一本久久综合亚洲鲁鲁五月天

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some have restraints一本久久综合亚洲鲁鲁五月天

In the morning I was woke much earlier than usual and Grandpa took me straight to the track to get my exercise in for the day.After breakfast, I was cleaned, plugged with the 7” plug and dressed in a sheer blue fitted sundress much like the ones Mother wore at home.“You’re going to be the woman of the house, while you’re hiring and decorating, you need to look the part.”Grandpa handed me some sandals with heels and led me downstairs to the car.When I arrived at my new home, Kyle came to the door to greet me, “Ruby my love!What a day you have ahead of you.”He closed the door and pulled me to him, kissing me with that delicious tongue and fondling me with one hand on my breast and one on my ass.I felt him unzip his pants and he pressed my head down until I was on my knees, feasting on his gorgeous cock.It made me so wet to have him in my throat.Hearing him moan with pleasure I was providing him was almost more than I could bear.With a fistful of hair, he began fucking my throat with abandon.I adjusted my breathing and relaxed my throat to take him in, gripping at his hips.I felt him grow and harden even more before he said, “Open your mouth”I obeyed and he stroked his cock as he shot his seed into my open mouth, watching it intently as it coated my tongue.He wiped the tick of his dick on my lower lip, “Stay.”I stayed on my knees with my mouth open and closed my throat so that I wouldn’t have the reflex to swallow.Kyle returned with a drink in his hand, his pants still unzipped, “You may swallow.”I closed my eyes and swallowed it all down in one gulp, savoring the taste of him and licking my lips.“So beautiful.”Kyle took another drink, “Clean me.”“Yes, Sir.”I milked his cock and swallowed down the last of his sperm and made sure he was clean from head to shaft.“Open.”He held his nearly limp cock out for me and I knew he had to relieve himself.I opened wrapped my big lips around the head and was soon rewarded with a hot stream of urine that warmed my insides as I swallowed it down.I was getting used to the taste of him and I was beginning to enjoy serving him in this way.What an honor it was to have this man come to me when he needed one of the most intimate releases.I felt proud that he wanted to share it with me.That mental conditioning sure was working its magic!Kyle left to do some business in town, letting me know he would be back by lunch to choose my classes for school.I had appointments all morning to hire staff.They would begin work right away, providing me with lists of items they needed to perform their duties and keeping the house while I was away at school.By the time Kyle returned for lunch, I had hired a personal chef, a butler, a pool boy, a cleaning maid, a gardener and landscaper and a personal companion for both Kyle and I.This was something I didn’t clearly understand.Kyle’s companion was a woman and mine was a man.Their duties were apparently to assist with dressing, bathing, grooming, making appointments and ‘First Aid’.I assumed that was more for me in case of punishment?I was determined to obey and never find out.Kyle was pleased with my selections and gave me a catalog to look through for uniforms for the staff.Then he pulled out the course catalog from the school and turned to the 1st term classes.Kyle had done his research and knew how the process worked.“There are two terms, each 3 months long.1st term classes are a bit more strenuous and 2nd term classes are more finishing classes and a bit lighter load.”“Do we choose both terms classes now?”“Just 1st term.Two months in, we’ll revisit the course catalog once we know which directions we’re headed in.”“Yes, Sir.”I was impatient to choose the classes.“Things have changed this year.They used to have 6 classes per term, but over the years that has proven to be too much and quite frankly, a waste of time.This year they’re beginning the 4 class per term schedule.More information is condensed into each class to make them a more valuable use of time and training.”He began reading off classes and their descriptions, some of which sounded absolutely terrifying.“Don’t worry, I am not as sadistic as some.Torture classes are not necessary.How do you feel about pain, Ruby?”“Pain?Um…other than my human instinct is to avoid it?”Kyle laughed, “I’ll sign you up for ‘Sensual Pain’ to ease you into the idea so you can decide where you stand.”He read the class description, “Students will learn to endure slight, sensual pain while learning to maintain their concentration.Conditioning will be included to spark sexual response to pain.”“That doesn’t sound so bad.”The word ‘sensual’ somehow made it sound sexy.“Okay, next…”He read through some classes and stopped at the next one that obviously intrigued him, “Intro to K-9.How do you feel about that one?”“I…well, I still haven’t had an introductory session with your mom so….but…”I thought of the videos I’d watched and how last night they actually had begun to feel arousing.When Tasha’s primal screams echoed in my head, they made my decision for me, “Yes, let’s do it.”“I’m proud of you, Ruby.You’re pushing your own limits without me having to take charge and do it for you.”He circled that class and read on.“Restraint is a must-have in my opinion.”“What is that?”Restraint?As in, iron cuffs and balls and chains?“Students will practice the art of delaying orgasm and responding to commands to reach orgasm only when told.”“That would actually be very useful for me.”I had never tried to control or hold back an orgasm.Since I wanted to avoid punishment, I very much wanted to learn how to do this.“And finally….let’s see…”He read through each class, trying to find the perfect one to fill my schedule.“That can be saved for 2nd term … I would like you take ‘Sybian Training’.Do you know what a Sybian is?”“No, Sir.”“You saw one in my parents’ house.It looks like a saddle with a dildo, some have restraints, some vibrate…”“Oh, right.Okay.”“We’ll have one in the living room, so I’d like you properly trained and comfortable with it.Okay.Classes decided.I’ll make sure all of the necessary items on the class lists are sent to the school in your name.Your grandfather has already ordered your school uniforms and standard necessities so…I think that’s it!”“When do classes start?”“In two weeks!Are you excited?”“Yes, Sir.”I smiled.I actually was!Now that my classes were chosen and I had a better grasp of what I was in for, it didn’t seem so scary.“Excellent.Now, I must get back to work.You have a busy afternoon ahead of you.You may get your sun time in the back by the pool while you choose uniforms and go through catalogs.I’m sorry the pool isn’t finished yet.I’ll make sure it’s at the top of the priority list.”“Thank You, Sir.”He kissed my forehead and stood, unzipping his pants so I could relieve him once more.When he was finished, clean and on his way out the door, I grabbed my catalogs and went to lay by the pool.I slipped my dress over my head and laid in the grass.It was itchy and uncomfortable so I decided to order pool and lawn furniture first.When I had finished my phone orders for the day, I pulled my dress over my head and went inside where the chef was preparing food for dinner.He was a handsome man,黑人巨茎大战欧美白妇免费 very fit with a charming smile.I decided to ask each of the hired help what they would prefer to wear everyday.“But Mademoiselle…that is for you to decide.”The chef looked confused.“Yes, but…you have to understand that I was raised outside of the community I … I want to know what YOU would be most comfortable in while I consider my choices.”“Very well…I always prefer to cook clothed, long sleeves to protect myself from splatter and burns.”“Ah.Very practical.I completely understand.Thank You, Louis!”When I had consulted them all, I called the tailor in town and was informed that he had everyone’s measurements on file and he would have the uniforms delivered in one week.I was impressed at the efficiency of this backward town.The more I thought about it, the more the lifestyle seemed conservative.No one wore flashy designer clothes or flaunted their status with expensive purses…everything was tailor-made right here in town and every woman had very close to the same wardrobe with a bit of variation.It was like Donna Reed with nudity.My thoughts were interrupted by Naomi being escorted into the house by our new butler, James.“Ruby!I came to help, where should we start?”“You’re a life saver!I have to choose…curtains and furniture for the living room and the sitting room.One is to be for visiting, the other for … entertaining?”“Yes, of course.Let’s talk about the feel you want for each room…”Naomi kept me lost in conversation about things I barely understood.She started with me selecting basic chairs and couches I preferred and we went from there, choosing colors and art and rugs.I was dizzy by the time she left.Everything would arrive in a few days from nearby towns and she would be back to help me set everything up.“I’m going to head back to our house now, but you call me when everything gets here!You saw the things I circled in the dungeon catalog, right?”“Yes.”“Start with choosing from those things and then go crazy with toys and such.You’ll do fine!”She kissed my cheek and bounced off to work on her own assignments.The dungeon catalog was daunting.Stocks?Spreaders?I didn’t know what half of it was, I was so glad Naomi had been here.I decided to go for a classy but rustic look for the living room and chose stocks that were made with 300 year old barn wood and thick, black hinges.It was like a beautiful piece of art.The Sybian I chose was one that did everything you could think of but ride off into the sunset on its own.Naomi was right, the fun part was choosing dildos and plugs and whips and crops…there were so many fun things that looked enticing.We would definitely be filling the drawers and shelves the carpenter would be putting in the next day.I felt like I’d accomplished so much in one day, but there was still so much to do.When Kyle arrived home for the evening, he only had time to relieve himself in my mouth before he announced that the bedroom furniture I’d ordered would be arriving soon.“Already!?But I only ordered it a few hours ago…”“You have to understand that people are curious about our community.When we place orders to the outside, it usually isn’t long before things are delivered out of sheer curiosity.”“Oh, right.”I had been in the town long enough that it was all starting to feel normal.I had forgotten that there was an entire world out there that found this lifestyle bizarre and archaic.Hadn't I felt the same way not long ago?The delivery men arrived and set up the mattresses and un-wrapped the furniture carefully to set it where I asked.Their eyes wandered often and I caught them staring at me quite frequently.When they were finished, Kyle nodded his approval, “I’ll leave you to tip the men, Ruby.”And he left the room.I stood in shock for a moment, not knowing what to do.I had no money!The men began taking off their pants and their hard cocks sprung to life in front of me.I knew I wasn’t allowed to have sex, but it now dawned on me that I owed these men blow jobs.I slipped my dress over my head so my body was in clear view and knelt in front of them.I had seen enough porn by now to know that I could suck one cock while I jerked the other, keeping it going.Their cocks were average, nothing to write home about and certainly not enough to gag me.I took them both expertly, alternating between the two, enjoying their moans of pleasure and lude compliments.“That’s it, suck it.Suck me ‘til I cum.”“Take it all, whore.I wanna cum down that pretty throat.”It didn’t take either of them long to shoot their loads down my throat.I expertly swallowed each and cleaned them well.When I stood and wiped my mouth with one finger, smiling, they seemed dumbfounded.“Thank you, boys.We really appreciate it.”They nodded and mumbled like idiots while they put their pants back on and left.I put my dress back on and went downstairs to join Kyle in the kitchen.He was talking with the chef.“Ruby!Chef tells me that you asked him his opinion on his daily attire?”“I did, Sir.I thought it best to consider the practicalities of each profession before deciding.”I was terrified that I’d done something wrong.“I would never have thought of that.Very considerate, my darling.”He smiled and took me in with his eyes, “You took care of our delivery men quite efficiently I see.”“Yes, Sir.”They were undisciplined morons who just wanted to get off.But I didn’t comment any further.“I do hope the dining furniture will be here soon.Having dinner with you will be so wonderful.”“The table I chose is a custom piece, so it may be a while.Naomi suggested stools for the kitchen island in the meantime.She said it would be a lovely place for the help to eat their meals in the future as well.”“You’re learning so much in so little time, do you feel overwhelmed?”“Every moment, Sir.”We both laughed and Louis served us a beautiful vegan meal.We drank wine and enjoyed our food while I filled him in on my orders for the day and what decisions I’d made.“We are more compatible than even I had believed.I can’t find an argument for any of your choices.I’m very pleased.”He smiled and stroked my back.“Thank You, Sir.” I blushed a little, feeling flattered and relieved.The next two weeks flew by like a whirlwind.I couldn’t believe how quickly you could put together such a home.The painters, the pool contractor, the landscapers and all finished.Nearly all the furniture had arrived, the linens and finally all of my clothes and belongings had been delivered from Grandpa’s house.I had never swallowed that much cum in my life giving 'tips'.But I was officially home.I had forgotten my iPod at Grandpa’s and asked to be driven over to fetch it.When I ran upstairs, I heard moans and cries coming from Grandpa’s room.Molly had moved in and their marriage was well on its way to being a lasting partnership.She was very sweet and the house had never looked so wonderful.I slowly crept up the last few stairs and peeked into the room.Molly was in wonderful shape for a woman her age and her hair was graying naturally.I knew Grandpa liked this.She was on the bed on all fours, her slightly deflated breasts swinging under her as Grandpa pounded her from behind.His face was concentrated on watching his cock move in and out of her, her eyes were closed and I could tell she was enjoying it immensely.Grandpa’s cock was so beautiful.Watching it move in and out of Molly, I wished so hard that he believed in incest.I would have given anything for him to have fucked me while I stayed with him.I snapped back to reality.Kyle was waiting.I snuck into my old room and retrieved my iPod from the dresser and quietly moved through the house as I left so I wouldn’t bother their session. I would have loved to watch Grandpa orgasm, though.Kyle was waiting in the car, “Is that everything?”“Yes, Sir.”“Ready for school, then?”“Yes, Sir.”“Let’s get you set up in the dorms, then!Last step to becoming my wife.I’m beyond thrilled.”“Me too, Sir.”I smiled as he drove, thinking of all I would learn so that I could please this man for the rest of my life.

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