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groaning and panting18禁无遮挡羞羞污污污污网站

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groaning and panting18禁无遮挡羞羞污污污污网站

I followed behind Chloe as she lead me to her bedroom, my feet shuffling since my pants and boxers were still around my ankles.She didn't turn on the light in the bedroom, but the ​light from the living room was sufficient to give the bedroom a nice ambiance.Chloe had switched on her ​sleep sounding machine, and the room was filled with the sounds of a thunderstorm on a beach.Chloe grabbed both of my hands and pulled me to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, my fingertips resting on her wonderful ass.She put one hand on my cheek and kissed me deeply again.Her tongue still had a hint of my cum on it, a taste I had never experienced before her.She kissed so passionately, her tongue probing, her lips soft and moist.I loved the feeling of running my hands up and down her back and I could already feel the beginning of sensitivity in my penis.This girl had awoken a sexuality in me that I had no idea existed. "Let's get you out of these clothes," Chloe whispered in the dark.Her voice alone was enough to enamore me, the memories of her amazing fellatio still so vivid in my mind.Her moans of agreement brought about my climax, helped along by her talented tongue and lips.I loved the peach and guava smell of her hair, the scent of her body wash, the hint of baby powder, the dabs of perfume on her neck.The scents mingled to a wonderful menagerie of femininity.I slipped off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and boxers.Chloe loosened my tie and slipped it off my head between kisses.She continued to probe my mouth with her tongue as she unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor.I stood nude before her, save my socks and felt more at ease in that capacity than ever in my life.Chloe put one arm around my shoulder and the other around my side and she gripped my back with her nails as we kissed hard.I had one hand under her top, feeling the bare small of her back, the other hand grabbing and squeezing one of her luscious ass cheeks.I would have been content to stay entwined with her for the rest of my existence.I felt like I needed to say something, anything because I had been silent since she had taken my cum into her welcoming mouth, but I was afraid of saying something stupid and ruining the mood.It was obvious that despite being my junior by many years, she was light years ahead of me in sexual knowledge.For the third time, I wondered why her last "daddy" let her go."Oh Chloe . . ."Was all I could muster."Mmm . . . let Chloe take care of everything . . "She whispered in my ear after breathing a hot breath into it.Chloe spun me around slowly and gently sat me on her bed.I watched her silhouetted form cross her arms and grip the sides of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, pulling it to the side to free her hair from it, causing it to cascade back down over her shoulders.Her breasts were definitely on the smaller side.While she was still intoxicating, I already found my self wondering if she would let me buy her a new pair.A bigger nicer pair to make her a goddess.God knows I was wondering how I could keep her forever.She reached behind her, the halo of light behind her made her look like an angel in a stained glass window.She had on a white bra with a over-sized ribbon in the front tied in a bow.She grabbed one strand of it and pulled down until the bow fell apart.She reached in front of her and unhooked the bra and pulled the sides back exposing her flesh to me.What her breasts lacked in size, theymade up for in great shape.They were perfectly symmetrical and the small areolas and nipples stood at attention.She stepped up and stood between my knees and reached behind my head, and pulled me to her.I leaned forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked like a baby on a pacifier.I had never lusted for a woman so completely.In all honesty I wanted to turn more lights on, to worship the goddess before me, but I contented myself with the sensations of touch and taste.She tasted as wonderful as she smelled, I felt like I could eat her up.Chloe had her right hand on my shoulder, her left still behind my head, lightly rubbing her nails through my hair and on my scalp beneath, massaging me as I suckled her.She was lightly moaning, almost inaudible and she watched me move to her right breast and show it the same attention and gratitude I had shown the other.I licked and bit softly on the pert nipple, my hands resting on her hips, my fingers resting on her bubble butt.Her as felt fantastic under the sheet of silk of her skirt.Her skin was so soft and her breasts were firm and supple, traits her ass had in common.How long she let me consume her I don't know but my jaw was starting to feel damn near sore from the sucking.Finally she gently pushed me back off of her and leaned over at the waist to kiss me again.Her kisses were a joy to experience, and made me angry at every woman I had ever dated, who failed to make me feel such desire.She pulled her lips off and stood back up straight."Am I tasty daddy?"She asked sweetly."Yes baby, you are perfect."I said hoarsely, eagerly anticipating what else she had in store.Chloe spun around and dropped her hands to her lower thighs and slid them up her legs, under her silk skirt, showing me her scrumptious thighs until her hands reached her hips.There was just enough light to make out the white panties that were stretched to cover her ample bottom.She hooked the sides of her panties with her thumbs and slowly pulled down, rolling her panties off, while she swayed her hips from side to side.I barely caught a glimpse of her pussy before her skirt fell back over her as she bent over fully to pull her panties all the way down.I grabbed her waist and held her firm and kissed and licked her ass through her skirt."Mmmm.I love that daddy.Do you want me?""Y-y-yes" I croaked out, barely audible over the sounds of the thunderstorm.She turned back around and had a very devilish grin on her lips, her large eyes blinking slowly at me as my penis began to harden again, finally recovered from the voluminous cum it had uttered earlier. Chloe pushed on my shoulders and I laid back on her bed.I don't have a clue what type of bed she had but I was gonna have to ask at some point.It was firm but with a very thick pad on top, making it soft and inviting.I watched as Chloe slid one knee onto the bed beside me.She sat up on that knee and brought her other leg up and placed her foot, still in her sandal heels on the other side, her leg spread, her thigh and calve making a right angle beside me.She reached down and began to slide her fingers up and down the underside of my cock, my cockhead hovering just above my stomach, my penis twitching slightly to her touch.She move to her knee on her other leg, straddling me.She sat down just below my shaft and I could feel her pussy's heat on my sack.She sat down with all her weight and her pussy lips parted a bit and my shaft was being rubbed on each side by her lips and she began to slide her hips forward and back, masturbating my dick with her pussy.I wanted to be inside her so badly, but the teasing was a feeling that will never be rivaled. She was a real pro at this, she began to moan and slid faster along me.I hoped she wouldn't keep it up for too long, it was so intoxicating I was worried I would cum again, and worried I would cum on my own face with the way she had my cock pointing.She began to squeeze her breasts as she moaned. "Oh shit daddy.It's so hard!Is it hard for me?"She asked in a throaty voice.I was breathing hard and only gave a guttural response.She giggled her wonderful teasing way, and said, "I think we're ready."I was certainly lubed up from her wetness as she sat up straight on her knees and picked her skirt up a bit with one hand, the other pushed my cock up pointing now at the ceiling and descended upon it.She slid down on my cock slowly and deliberately."Oh daddy, oh damn!It's so warm.Oooouuu!"She ended in a loud crying sigh as she hit bottom, my cock completely within the warm folds of her womb."Oh.Oh.Jezzzus.Oh."I stuttered, unable to put together real sentences.I just stared at her open mouthed as I watched her rising up and back down, the actual coitus hidden behind the veil of her skirt.I was in complete shock, first that I was actually fucking this amazing woman, and two , that she had taken me in with no cover, no condom.Just her body and mine, in a glorious embrace of our genitals.She grabbed her hair up and held it to her head as she moaned and turned her head to the side."God damn it daddy.Why do you have to have such good sugar?"My mind was swimming, my cock was a solid shaft of tingling pleasure.I let my eyes close and focused on the amazing pussy massaging my rigid cock.She continued to ride me slowly, moaning, groaning and panting, and her pace was just right to keep me from getting too excited.I am sure she knew she could make me cum as soon as she wanted, but she was giving me the full experience of her euphoria.I felt her pull up more than usual until my still rigid cock slipped out of her.I opened my eyes,丁香狠狠色婷婷久久综合 wondering what was happening.She stood back up and grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet.She wrapped her arms and one leg around me and we kissed again.Long wet kisses, aggressive tongue wrestling and moaning into each others mouth."Love me daddy."She said into my ear, followed by another hot breath.She released me and crawled onto the bed.She was on all fours in front of me, better lit by the background light.Her tanned legs were beckoning me, and Chloe looked back at me over her shoulder as she pulled her skirt up over her ass.Her derriere was outstanding, tanned like the rest of her, and bathed in the ambient light, I could help but leaning down and giving the perfect apple one good bite."Owww!Oooh daddy, why are you making me wait?Can't you see I am ready?"God damn this woman was a fucking dream.I stepped to the edge of the bed and lined myself up.Before I even pushed in, she pushed back to me, and had my mushroom cap in before I made a move.I gripped her hips and pushed, deep inside her, surrounded by her warmth."Oh shit!That's it daddy.Chloe wants her medicine."I know I replied with some kind of sounds but I have no idea how to describe them.I was pushing in and pulling back, but not much, Chloe was doing most of the work, rocking back and forth on the bed to pull me into her and slide back off of me.My cock was slick with her juices and as much as I wanted to get up a good rhythm, I was reduced to a watcher.I didn't know shit about pleasuring a woman and felt guilty, wishing I could give Chloe as much as she gave me.She continued to moan, her hands clasping the sheets in fists.Her sandals were still on as was her skirt, and my god did it just add to the sexiness.The room began to smell of our sex, her juices were flowing freely, her thighs showing the streaks of many escaping drops of her.I leaned forward to wrap my arm around her stomach and pulled her off her hands.I felt her breasts and kissed her neck as her back rubbed against my chest."Oh my god Chloe.Oh . ...goooorrrrrrr."I was starting to feel my balls aching, and my bodies muscles were fatigued.I lost my footing and Chloe and I fell forward, now laying flat on her bed.My hips resting on her ass, my cock still buried inside of her."Mmmmm daddy I like feeling your weight on me.I am getting close daddy, don't stop, I want to cum."I used what strength I still had to piston up on my knees and back down.Our legs were intertwined, the sweat between us began to make our motions audible.The sounds and smells in the room were of unmistakable passionate sex, something I had never experienced.It wasn't going to be long now, I could feel my orgasm trying to take hold in my testicles."Oh fuck Chloe, Jesus sweetie, I am gonna cum again!""Wait, hold it for me daddy I want to watch you when you cum with me."I wondered if she wanted me to shoot my load on a certain spot of her but she had something else in mind, as she always seemed to.She flexed me off of her and I obliged.She rolled over and pulled her feet onto the bed, her legs forming triangles with the surface.She grabbed my side with one hand and my cock with the other and pulled me to her, lining me up to enter her again."Ok daddy, Chloe is ready for her reward!""Oh fuck baby, god you are so fucking hot!""I know daddy, you made me hot!I'm ready daddy, can you cum for me?!"I was holding myself up by my hands, pumping in and out of her as fast as I could.I looked down to watch my cock in her, knowing my cum was nearly ready to launch.Chloe wrapped her legs around my waist and locked them behind me, my waist squeezed between her thighs.She had her hands clasped around my neck and was looking into my eyes."Yeah, that's it, I can see it in your eyes daddy, I want your semen!""Oh fuck Chloe, oh shit, oh, ah, oh Chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"I screamed as I felt the first wave of orgasm wash over me, my penis jerking as it pumped a large dose of my cum into her."Oh shit daddy!Oh my god, oh my god daddy.Yes, oh I am coming daddy!"She screamed at me, still looking into my eyes, her face grimacing.Maybe she was cumming, maybe she wasn't, but damn if she couldn't have fooled me."Ooooohhhhrrrrrr!"I hollered as I felt another load of my semen pouring into her waiting honeypot. "Yes!Yes daddy!Keep going for me!!!!"I was tingling all over, I thought I might have a heart attack from the intensity of my orgasm."Ooooooh.Chlo.Chloeeee.Shit baby!""Cum for me daddy!"I shot my final burst of cum and collapsed on Chloe, completely spent.I was panting, unable to speak or open my eyes.I felt her arms cradle my head to her chest and her hand running through my hair. "Oh my daddy.Daddy that was wonderful.Thank you."She whispered into the air.It was the last thing I remembered until I awoke next to her an hour later.She was beside me, playing on her phone.I sat up, bewildered and drained.She sat up with me.She looked over at me and giggled one more time."I really need to get some sleep before school tomorrow.Are you ready to go home daddy?""Sure baby, what ever you need."She got up and pulled me to my feet.She lovingly dressed me, piece by piece until I was back in my suit, shoes and tie.She walked me to her door, still wearing only her skirt and sandals."Oh shit, I almost forgot" I said feeling the envelope in my pocket when fishing for my keys.I handed it to Chloe who clasped it in her hand and smiled her wonderful smile."Thank you daddy!"She saidand went on her toes to give me one last quick kiss."Call me again some time okay?""Please answer when I do."I replied as I hugged her and walked out the door."Drive safe daddy."I smiled back at her and made my way out to my car, still wondering how any man would let that girl get away.

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