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hurt by life andchinese熟妇与小伙子mature

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hurt by life andchinese熟妇与小伙子mature

Alex Morgan took a breath as he pulled his car into his mother's driveway. When he'd left, he'd honestly thought that it would be a long time before he returned, if ever. He could still remember everything about that moment, when he walked in and caught his mother cheating on him.But when he'd read the text saying that she was pregnant with his child, he knew he had to come back. "I'll just have to push the pain down", he said as he opened his car door and got out. He walked up to the door and knocked. Alicia answered the door quickly, looking very shy, almost as if she were afraid to look him in the eye."Thank you for coming", she said as she stepped back, letting him into the house. He stepped in and couldn't help but look at the living room sofa, which triggered a flashback. So he quickly headed into the kitchen, Alicia following him. "Of course I came", he said. "I'm not going to abandon my child.""I didn't think you would", Alicia said as they sat down at the table. "But, in order for us both to be in this child's life, we have to work out our problems." "I know", Alex said as he looked at her. Part of him saw his mother, scared of what the future might hold, hurt by life and, in part, by him. Part of him saw the sexy, submissive slave he had come to know her to be, the woman who brought out his true self.But he also saw the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart, the woman he had thought would never do anything like that. "I'm still very upset with you", Alex finally said. "I know", Alicia said quietly, looking down. "But you know that I'm sorry and, if I could, I would take it back. I would have thrown out your father that first day and been done with him.""So, has he been around since I've been gone", Alex asked, although part of him feared the answer. "No", Alicia said, shaking her head. "I'll never let him be part of my life again." "I'm glad to hear that", Alex said, sighing as he finally relaxed a little."I think I finally understand why you felt so threatened by Lauren. You were scared I wanted to go back to the life I used to have, rather than be with you." Alicia nodded, looking at her son, the man who had been her master. "I was scared because I thought you might not really want this life with me.""Well, I did", Alex said. "And I still do", he said and Alicia quickly looked up, feeling the first flicker of hope in days. "I still want to be with you too", she said and Alex looked at her. "But we can't do that here", Alex said. "This house feels tainted now. And there's no way we could raise this baby together here. Too many people know that we're mother and son", Alex said."So, where do we go", Alicia asked, so glad that Alex was willing to give their relationship another chance that she would agree to go anywhere with him. "I don't know, but far enough away that the temptations of our past won't find us. Somewhere we can live as man and wife", Alex said.Alicia heard those last words and looked at her son, tears in her eyes. "Do you mean", she started to say, but she found she couldn't speak. "I do. I want to marry you", Alex said. Alicia jumped out of her chair and ran over to Alex. She hesitated for a moment, waiting until he nodded permission, then she sat down on his lap."I don't ever want to leave you again and I want you to be mine, permanently", Alex said, feeling at peace with the world for the first time in days. "Will you marry me", he asked and Alicia nodded, then kissed him deeply. "Of course I will, sir", she said and Alex felt his dick stirring under his mother's ass.He stood and set his mother on the table, causing her to gasp in excitement. Then he unzipped and lowered his pants, his dick growing stiffer as if it sensed his mother's presence. Alicia's eyes grew wide and she slid down to the floor, on her knees before her son's cock. She'd been so focused on the emotional part of what had been happening that she'd completely neglected her sexual needs.Now, as she knelt before Alex's cock once again, she felt her pussy throbbing. Her juices started flowing as she tentatively wrapped a hand around his shaft, a low moan emanating from Alex's throat. In that moment, both of them knew they would be able to get past this."Very good, slave", Alex said. "Show me how pleased you are to see me." "Yes, master", Alicia said and took his dick into her mouth. She began bobbing her head back and forth on his shaft as it became fully erect in her mouth. She moaned as she ran her tongue over his cock,137美女肉体摄影 loving the familiar feeling of being able to please Alex, her taboo master, with her mouth.Alex moaned as he felt his dick slide down his mother's throat. His aunt and Monica both gave incredible blowjobs, but they were nothing compared to his mother. As Alicia worked her mouth back and forth on his huge shaft, she maintained eye contact with Alex. This made him feel incredibly powerful and reminded him exactly why he loved this woman.Alicia worked her magical mouth over her son's dick for nearly ten minutes, driving him to the edge of orgasm and then bringing him back. Alex loved when she edged him like this, because then, when he did cum, it felt like an explosion of orgasmic pleasure.Now though, he wanted a different hole. "On the table, slut", he said firmly and Alicia immediately bent over the table and spread her legs. Alex could see that her pussy glistened with juices, her thighs soaked with nectar that had leaked from her cunt. He rubbed his dick up and down her slit and Alicia almost orgasmed as she felt his dickhead touch her labia. But she held back, waiting for permission."You may cum, slut", Alex said as he placed his cockhead against her sopping wet hole and Alicia felt the orgasm explode from inside her. Waves of pleasure crashed over her as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably. "Today, as long as my dick is inside you, you may cum as much as you like", Alex said and thrust forward, burying his dick inside his mother's cunt.Alicia screamed out as an intense wave of pleasure exploded from her pussy and radiated throughout her whole body. "Fuck, I've missed this", was the only thought going through her mind as her son started fucking her hard. His huge dick rammed into her cunt over and over again, hammering her cervix and filling her beyond capacity. Alex moaned as he felt his mother's pussy spasming, squeezing his dick. He rammed his dick deep inside her and exploded, pumping her cunt full of his seed. His cum spurted deep into her womb, leaking out of her sopping wet hole. Fucking his mother was the most incredible feeling thing in the world and Alex knew that he would never be away from her again.***One Year LaterAlex woke early and looked over at his mother, his bride, who was still sleeping. She looked so beautiful and part of him still couldn't believe she was his wife now. It hadn't taken them long to sell the house and they'd moved across country, to a small, upscale neighborhood where nobody knew their true relationship. They'd had the wedding two months after they moved, inviting all of their new friends, as well as Monica and Aunt Polly, along with her master, Mike. Polly and Monica were the only ones there who knew the symbolism when, along with the ring on Alicia's finger, Alex placed a simple black collar around her neck. The tag read "Property of Alex Morgan".Alex smiled as he looked over at his mother's sleeping form, the collar around her neck. She only ever took it off to bathe, promptly putting it back on afterwards. She told him not long ago that that day, the day he collared her, forever claiming her as his slave, was the happiest day of her life. And, whenever anyone asked her about the collar, she proudly proclaimed her submission and slavery to her young, strong husband.Thanks to Alicia's openness about their master/slave relationship, they'd managed to find a small group of people who were into bdsm as well. The group welcomed Alex and Alicia with open arms and they regularly met, for support and companionship. They also swapped partners among the group and Alex was very proud that so many men, and some of the women, wanted his mother.He thought about how far they'd come, the struggles they faced. When they'd moved, his mother had had to cut it off completely with his father, telling the man not to come looking for her. And Alex had done the same with Lauren. She'd been disappointed, but he had a feeling she'd be just fine.Now, only Monica and aunt Polly knew where they were and the two of them, along with their men, visited often. It was a common occurrence for Polly and Mike, or Monica and Bill, to visit and it always ended with an orgy. Alex lay back, happy, as he realized that he had a pretty good life.And then there was the best part of his life, little Abigail, laying in a crib several feet away from his bed. He looked over at her, her dark curls framing her sleeping face. He was so happy the day she had been born and he'd thanked his mother profusely for giving him this gift."I'm so glad I went to the motel that night", Alex whispered now, leaning over and kissing his mother's sleeping cheek. "I can't imagine a better life and it's all because you chose to submit to me."The End.(Thank you to everyone who has read, voted, and/or commented on this series. It has been a lot of fun and quite a journey and I hope you've enjoyed it as well.)

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